10 Amazing Facts about Wine You Don’t Know

Who does not like to sip a glass of red or white wine in the evening by the fire after a long working day? Or maybe a big piece of meat that you or your partner have struggled with for hours? Wine is enjoyed worldwide and is available in thousands of different flavors and packaging. Here are ten facts you should know about the wine!

Here is 10 Amazing Facts about Wine You Don’t Know

01) In ancient Greece would be dining values take the first sip of wine at the finish, in order to ensure your guests that the wine is not poisoned.


02) Facts about Wine: During the tastings, women tend to feel the taste of the wine better than men. This is because a woman usually has a better and more developed sense of smell than men, which is a large part of the wine tasting and the impact on the taste.

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03) According to an Italian study suggests that women who drink two glasses of wine a day have better sex than those who do not drink wine at all. Whether you want to believe in this or not is up to each one, but keep in mind that the Italians came after the pizza and could certainly be wrong!


04)  Facts about Wine: In Roman times it was forbidden women to drink wine, and a man who came to his wife to drink had every right to execute her. Divorce on the same grounds is documented later in Rome 194 BC.

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05)  The world’s oldest LOST wine bottle dates back as far as the year 325 and was found near the German town of Speyer. Today’s miracle to admire the historical museum “der Pfalz” in Germany.

06) Facts about Wine: There is growing scientific evidence that a moderate and regular wine drinking may reduce the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke and even gum disease.


07)  California, USA, is the world’s fourth largest wine producer after France, Italy and Spain.

08) Facts about Wine: When tasting wine, hold the wine in your mouth for a moment or two and then either swallow it or, preferably, spit it out, usually in a spittoon. A really good wine will have a long aftertaste, while a lesser wine will have a short taste. Congratulations, now is also a wine taster of the highest caliber!

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09) The wine has a watery taste has the greatest probability become when the grapes are picked during the rainy season.

Facts about Wine

10) Facts about Wine: By tradition, the first consideration is to serve lighter wines and then gradually increase to a little heavier wine during a meal. Furthermore, the white wine is served before red, young wine before old and dry wines before sweet.

BONUS) There is actually a right and a wrong way to hold a wine glass. Wine glasses should always be kept in the “trunk” of the glass, as the heat from your otherwise he will raise the temperature of the wine.

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