10 Facts about Eddie Meduza You Don’t Know

Errol Norstedt Leonard, better known by the stage name Eddie Meduza, born on June 17 1948 in Örgryte parish, Gothenburg, and died January 17, 2002 in Nöbbele outside Växjö. He was a Swedish composer, lyricist, musician, comedian, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Among the instruments Norstedt played guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, accordion and piano. His style and music has played a big role in Swedish greasers around the country, and here are ten facts you need to update your knowledge on a real legend!

10 Facts about Eddie Meduza You Don’t Know

1. After moving to Astorp , Eddie sat and pondered a bit on his stage name . Should you be a rock star, you have to have a stage name, he thought. He chose to keep his initials and began to call them Eddie Nowels. But one day, he sat and watched a nature program on jellyfish, and in some solid base polypmaneters life cycle is a period in which they swim freely in the water. Then they called for “medusa”. Errol had a brainwave and baptized immediately on to Eddie Meduza . In other words, we have jellyfish to thank for that sounding stage name.


2. In the 70s he worked among others with groups Anders Norstedts Orchestra and Zambandet and also managed to get some other artists to record his songs on the album. 1975 was the first own album, “Errol “, which included the song “ 13 years “, which ended up on the Swedish top .

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3. That same year, 1975, Cochran played his first cassette holder. It is impossible to get long, but the collection tray “Greatest Hits ” contains at least the least bad sections.


4. 1978 came the first single “Punk Bastards “, with a 14-year-old John Norum (Europe) on lead guitar, and the following year came the LP “Eddie Meduza & the Roaring Cadillacs “. The plate completely sawed music journalists, especially by Expression’s Mats Olsson. ”Punk Bastards” was, after all, a minor hit and was used in the war between punks and  greasers .

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5. After success on this side of the cult classic “No. 3 Part 1 ” the record company wanted to have a bit more upsetting cassette of the songs for the next album. The result was “Garagetaper ” as Eddie himself considers to be one of his worst plates .Look at Frank Zappa’s “ Joe’s Garage ” and you’ll see the cover idea come from.


6. 1981 came the big breakthrough with the album “throttle” which sold gold by a clear margin (at the time, gold was = 50 000 copies sold). When “More Vodka” was played on the radio resulted in a notification to the radio board . Plate drummer named incidentally Börje Lundin .

7. Record contract with CBS expired and Eddie sat in a golden situation for success. The best offer came from Bert Karlsson Mariann Records where Eddie Meduza later released two albums. The first was “The Jaevle Braa! “Whose cover shooting resulted in an amount similar to the 90’s was used as covers on several plates.

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8. 1982 went Eddie out on their first tour, which became a roaring success and the following year came the live album “The fool Solve E,” where the last seconds is recorded backwards. On the plate plays John Norum guitar. After 1983, it became a long concert break for the rest of the 80’s. During the first tour, Eddie began to consume more alcohol, which also led to a conviction for drunk driving.


9. The money had rolled in during successful years 81-83 were placed in a house inIngelstad in SmÃ¥land where Eddie Meduza in an outbuilding built “Studio Ronka ” with 16 channels , and was finally able to get good sound quality on their heminspelningar.

10. Eddie was like so many other artists at loggerheads with Bert Karlsson and was in 1984 back on CBS. Bert’ve since received a number of tribute tracks, such as “ Mr. Karlsson is a pig ,” “ Studio Cleaners Börje Lundin ” and even “ Bert Karlsson Blues “.The plate “ West A Fool Away ” made headlines when it was withdrawn after just one week and one song was replaced , but even so, there was no major sales success.

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