10 Facts about Stockholm Pride you probably did not know

Stockholm Pride has been recently (July 25 to 31) and for every year participate more and more people in the giant parade, which had spread worldwide. But did you know that the Pride Parade does not actually founded in Stockholm? Or do you even know how many people about participating in the parade every year?Here are ten facts you should know about something as important as the Stockholm Pride!

 10 Facts about Stockholm Pride you probably did not know 

01)  Last year (2015) participated and watched an estimated 450,000 people  at the annual parade! This means that corresponding to approximately  5% of the Swedish population participated, of whom 45,000 chose to march in the parade!

02)  Why Pride? Initially founded the festival in memory of police provoked riots among homosexuals in New York in the autumn of 1969 .

03) In Europe, started Europride celebrated in different countries every year. 1998 was celebrated Europride in Stockholm and a year later continued with a similar arrangement locally known as the Stockholm Pride , which has since grown in scope year after year. Year 2008 was the Stockholm Pride hosts the Euroiride a second time.

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04)  Although the Pride festival has its big parade in the capital, Stockholm, was not actually where it was founded . The first Pride festival was held in Örebro already on 15th May 1971 by the local association “Gay Power Club”, where one of the requirements was that two of the same sex should get married to each other.

05) In the early 2000s reacted to some of the LGBTQ movement that Stockholm Pride has become too commercial and arranged for a few years motfestivalen Stockholm Shame .

Stockholm Pride

06) During the 2003 year the festival attacked the right-wing extremist organization National Democratic Youth Pride parade. It was not the first time. Previous rallies against Pride celebrations, especially from single Christian groups , has been in the form of demonstrations.

07) Pride Park is a delimited festival area that the years 1998 to 2009 was in Tantolunden and the year 2010 was located in the area in front of the Maritime Museum of Ladugårdsgärde. In 2011 moved Pride to the park and made at the same time an effort that included free entry. The following year, in 2012 , moved back to Pride Park, Tantolunden, and again took admission. Since 2013 the Pride Park was placed on Östermalms IP . In Pride Park are scenes, corporate and association tents, beer tents and other arrangements. Among other things, it has become tradition to invite famous Melodifestivals- and Eurovision stars Thursday on the so-called schlagerpopkvällen .

Stockholm Pride

08) A research study from 2014 showed that less than one percent of the participants in the Pride train voted for the Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats .

09) Six of the ten participants in pride train in 2014 were women, and a little less than half were heterosexual . Eight out of ten were born in Sweden, and the third took a spontaneous decision to join the bandwagon.

10) Pride means ” pride ” in English. Pride Movement goal is that everyone should be proud of who they are and that no one should have to hide his true self.

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