10 Facts you probably did not know about Carlsberg

Carlsberg was founded in 1847 by the then 24-year-old Jacob Christian Jacobsen. Today there are about 100 breweries distributed in the approximately 150 countries where the beer goes to purchase. Jacobsen’s brewery interest arose when his father had previously worked in the same area. When his father died in 1835 he took over the brewing and when the mother died, he inherited the brewery, and a large sum of money was to be invested in the founding of Carlsberg. To enjoy a Carlsberg with good company and good food, I’m probably not alone, so therefore we offer here at ten facts you should know about the Danish öljätten!

10 Facts you probably did not know about Carlsberg

01)  Carlsberg was founded in the whole 17 years before the popular beer Heineken. In your face, Dutch!

02)  Before Adolf Hitler and other Nazis took the swastika and its meaning contained Carlsberg logo just a swastika. This, however, chose the company to remove the logo in connection with Nazism grew larger.


03)  Despite the fact that the founder did not have any experience in the research felt Jacobsen to the industrialization of ölbryggarprocessen should be based on science and research. In 1875 he launched because “Carlsberg Laboratory,” which in a scientific way, would bring out the absolute best bryggartekniken. To top it all, in fact the department has developed a pair of ground-breaking discoveries, including what the pH should be in the beer for best results. Today, almost all the world’s brewing in the world of performance from “Carlsberg Laboratory”.


04)  A whole bunch of famous people have visited the brewery in Copenhagen. Some of these include Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, just to name a few.

05)  Carlsberg is one of the world’s five largest beer brands, with the entire 46,000 employees worldwide.

06)  In 2014 produced öljätten entire 120 million hectoliters of beer.


07)  Carlsberg owns approximately 500 different beer brands around the world. Four of the 15 largest beer in Europe is owned by just the Danes founded the company.

08)  Approximately 100 employees in the company is only focused on the research, fermentation, ingredients and brewing techniques.


09)  The total length of the shelves in the Carlsberg archives amount to the entire three kilometers, where about 300,000 photographs documenting the company’s history.

10)  Beer is good for your hair, just because it contains so much B vitamins (honestly, have you seen an alcoholic with a bad hair sometime?), But did you know that Carlsberg also has released its own shampoo?

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