10 Facts you probably did not know about Cosmetics

The Roman philosopher Plautus once said, ” A woman without paint is like food without salt “, but the taste is a bit like the bat, and we are all different when it comes to decorating the face. The word “cosmetics” is from the Greek word cosmos (in connection with precisely the cosmos), which means a straight translation of “arrange”, “order” or “grace”, which explains quite well what you do for a makeup.  

10 Facts you probably did not know about Cosmetics

Throughout the ages, people have painted themselves in different ways, but for different purposes. The indigenous tribes painted their men and traditionally entire body with ocher, while in the modern Western world used color sparingly, mostly for the purpose of beautifying the existing facial features in a natural way. Today’s make-up is much more refined, available in several dosage forms and as fashions have changed need today very good precision whether to follow the contemporary traditional makeup techniques. With this brief background history of cosmetics will these ten facts that you probably did not already know!

01Cosmetic is one of the fastest growing in the world …
While many opponents have stood in line for refusing makeup and other beauty products for different reasons, so it is still globally ahead for the cosmetics companies.On average, they have in common an increase of about 7% annually . Much thanks to many developing countries doing better financially today, which has resulted in a new form of the middle class who use out products.


02Originally makeup just for men …
The use of makeup has shifted not only between the sexes but also between classes, countries, makeup varieties and colors. The first who painted himself was probably male , in so far as it was the men who hunted and bekrigade foreign groups. In the Sumerian kingdom (about 5000 BC ) and the following Babylon and Assyrian (about 600 BC ) made up in both men and women strongly .

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03Mainly three people laid the foundation for the current advertising of cosmetics industry …
In the early 1900s , built the Elizabeth Arden and Helen Rubinstein along with Max Factor (which produced only makeup for actresses) the foundation of modern advertising of cosmetics industry. They used very aggressive advertising tactics, such as celebrity to be the face of their products and various newspaper advertising .


Research is not as important as sales of cosmetics companies …
Beauty companies spend only an average of 2% – 3% of its sales on research and development , compared with the approximately 15% as the drug companies put. Beauty Companies spend instead of 20% to 25% on advertising and marketing , which corresponds to the five-fold increase over what the pharmaceutical companies on average spend on the same area of a product.


05One of the world’s most profitable industries …
total sales of beauty products the world over about 160 billion US dollars  – annually. Distributed in the main sales areas when it comes to beauty products, around 24 million dollars to skin care products , 18 million dollars to make , 38 million dollars we put on hair care products and around 15 million of the same currency ports on perfumes .

06Cosmetics important than school in the United States …
education in the United States has long been a problem; not only because there may be considerably more expensive in a school, but also for young people low school interest . Recently – for the first time ever – was the beauty industry on the American school , which means that the average lay person more money on makeup and other cosmetics than on their children’s school teachings .



According to studies, men like beautiful women …
Perhaps it is not surprising why cosmetics are so important to people. A study conducted on 10,000 men from 37 different cultures, it turned out that the woman’s attractiveness  was the most important – and in some cases also the first place – when it comes to a man’s list of what attracts them most.

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08Scores of cosmetics from the past have been lethal …
Lash Lure , a mascara brand from  the 1930s , killed painful one woman and blinded permanently several others. The mascara was made from a highly toxic substance called paraphenylenediamine , a chemical that normally is used for such coloring to the  leather and clothing . The chemical was long banned in Sweden, but in doing that we joined the EU, the now legal again (though not in beauty products).



The church forbade the makeup and young women used the urine …
During the Middle Ages learned the Catholic Church out that the makeup was sinful , about 1000 years AD Makeup and body painting fell out of favor in all Christian countries and was thus prohibited. But this is not all surprising that occurred when it comes to beauty. During the 1700s poured American women urine of young boys on his skin, hoping to get rid of her freckles (no, it did not work).

010Kansas in the United States took it all anymore …
of cosmetics history has been both sad, funny and not the least interesting. In Kansas, the United States, introduced a bill in 1915 that would penalize women under 44 years of age if they wore lipstick, because it would create a “false impression”.

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