10 Interesting Facts about Flirting you probably did not know

That flirting is not always easy. For some people, it is perfectly natural, while others are much more difficult to take the step to flirt with someone you find interesting or beautiful. Then there are also the people who are really hard to understand when someone is flirting with. Thanks to the internet, however, flirting generally simplified for the majority of people, largely of all the dating sites. This is because even the little more timid get a chance to be able to flirt, when you can instead do it behind his screen and avoid the awkward flirting in reality. But how much do you really know about flirting? Here are ten facts you probably have not had an eye on since earlier!

 10 Interesting Facts about Flirting you probably did not know 

01Five ways to flirt …
Scientists have identified five general styles when it comes to flirting: 1) the physical . 2) The traditional  (where the man takes the first step). 3) Courtesy  (flirting with the pleasantries and compliments). 4) Sincere . 5) Playfulness  (dating through humor). People with physical, sincere and playful styles have been shown to have more  success , but each one is effective, depending on what the goal of flirting is and how your personality is.

02Red lipstick does the trick …
Researchers have also shown that women wearing red lipstick have more success when they flirt with a partner. A study by the University of Manchester in England tracked up to eye movements directed against women from men lasted 7.3 seconds where the women wear red lipstick instead of 6.7 seconds when a woman wearing pink lipstick .

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03There are usually four reasons to fail flirting …
The four most common reasons that one fails a flirting is: 1) It flirts with completely the wrong person where personal chemistry is not true at all. 2) uncertainty , it is difficult to know how to make overtures. 3) Concern that something bad or embarrassing will happen or that it will make a fool of himself. 4) Hard to read the signals from the other person.



The most attractive does not need to get the most flirts …
The most attractive people need not always be those who flirt or be flirted with the most. In many cases, choose the opposite sex not to flirt with someone they consider very attractive , as is often believed that it is matchless , studies have shown. They additionally usually get the most attention are those that are most active in flirting, regardless of one’s appearance.

05A flirtingsignal can be an extremely small movement …
According relationship researcher Judy Dutton , send the women who get the most attention from men out around 35 flirtingsignaler per hour. Although it may seem like very much , the signals can be anything from tilting your head to the side or just a highlighter on the arm .


06Women winks more discreet than men …
Studies have shown that women unconscious and conscious winks 90% of the time. Although it may often seem that men are responsible for most of the flirting, it is because men feel it’s okay to flirt precisely because the signals they receive from women flirting.

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Men often misinterpret women due to the high level of testosterone …
Men usually have 10-20 times more testosterone than women, and thus are more likely to show interactions in terms of sex . That is why men are more likely to misinterpret women’s signals when they flirt, and may mistake a friendly behavior with a wink .


08Flirting is just about one’s own attitude to it …
Research has also shown that if you want to be a star to flirt, you must admit to yourself that it’s okay to fail , that there is something dangerous. Flirting is all about attitude and one’s own attitude .


Fashion accessories were a huge part of the Victorian era …
During the Victorian era , when the woman would be prepared for the marriage of a man was flirting a huge and mandatory part of the woman’s part. To the woman would be as efficient as possible when it comes to flirting, as well as attractive as possible for the men, she often learn to use fashion accessories to its mother , such as fans, gloves, handkerchiefs, umbrellas and other things to communicate and show that you are open for flirting.


010The technology has been both helpful as problematic …
Although technology development has helped millions of people when it comes to flirting and develop a relationship, it has at the same time also been a major problem for humanity. For example, all text messages to each other led to misunderstandings easily occur, because man does not perceive tones ,  signals and body language in the same way.

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