10 Funny Facts about Infidelity you probably did not know

Infidelity is a major daily problems, and not least an extremely sensitive subject.Since the Internet became commercially infidelity has also increased among people. Get admit that they have been unfaithful to their partners, and when it is discovered tend to say the least a “living hell” begins in the relationship for a long period. However, here are ten little less knew facts you may not know about just infidelity.

 10 Funny Facts about Infidelity you probably did not know 

 01) A study from 2011 found that half of the patients admitted to hospital for ‘broken’ penises have suffered the injury during a love affair with someone other than their own partners. Researchers believe that a man can be extra excited  during a business and that he therefore can have sex in strange and awkward  places.

02)  Infidelity occurs usually in the phase of the relationship when the couple begins to settle down ; have children and build a life together. While the phases are met in certain areas are often other areas, instead of suffering, of love and romance .

03)  More than 60% of all transactions infidelity occurs between colleagues .

04) Women tend to engage in a love affair for the emotional satisfaction . Men cheat more  sexual satisfaction .

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05)  Despite the fact that infidelity has crashed many marriages, it is actually not the reason that most differs for. Financial problems are namely the leading reason for a divorce.


06) A study of infidelity made by the company Victoria Milan showed that more than half of the couples on their site feel more to start an affair when the weather gets warmer . Luckily we do not seem to have any heat here in Sweden then!

07) A study conducted by Binghamton University linked genetic variation in infidelity. The same variation was associated with alcohol consumption , gambling , love of horror movies and openness to new social situations .


08) While the partner therapy and parsamtal can be of immense help to both parties, there is no specific timetable or way to heal from infidelity. Some experts suggest that allow the betrayed partner to discuss the deal in 15 minutes every day, for as many days as necessary, to be processed simplest situation.

09)  Approximately half of all marriages end in divorce , where one of the parties has been unfaithful.

10)  According to another study, 56% of men answered that they were in a happy relationshipwhen they had their affair. On the same question replied only 34% of women are the same.

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