10 Facts you probably did not know about Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson, born Jenna Marie Massoli, is undeniably the best paid porn star of all time. She was born April 9, 1974 in Las Vegas. Today she works as an entrepreneur in his native United States. Jenna has, thanks to its popularity with the nickname “Queen of pornography.” Jenna had a tough childhood with the passing of his mother due to melanoma. The family also suffered a lot of economic crisis, because most of their savings were spent on maternal treatments. The budding star was also a victim of a gang rape at the age of sixteen. The same year she was also raped by her boyfriend’s uncle. Having said this, we offer here at ten facts that you probably did not know about the world’s biggest porn star!

10 Facts you probably did not know about Jenna Jameson

01)  Already at an early age pulled Jenna Jameson to the spotlight. She trained as a dancer and was often included in  beauty contests . She began her career as a stripper in several strip clubs in Las Vegas, but under a different identity when in fact she was only 16 years . It was her then- boyfriend persuaded her to begin with stripping.
When she was denied to perform at a strip club because of her braces , she tore it out using a pair of pliers , just to come in and perform. During a night’s work, she could earn upwards of 2000 dollars (in today’s currency equal to approximately 18 300 SEK).

02)  On his twentieth birthday, she moved away from Las Vegas and started to pose nude for various men’s magazines. When magazines like “Hustler”, “Penthouse”, “Cheri” and “High Society” published her pictures, she became the most sought after nude model in the country!

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03)  In connection with Jenna was so popular and sought after, she chose to change his surname to ” Jameson “, as she herself felt fit his new personality and style much better. The surname she took from her favorite whiskey .


04)  In 1993 , she wrote a contract with  Wicked Pictures to make his first pornographic movie. And it was not long before all could be the name of the new and popular porn star.

05)  Jenna has won virtually all prizes that can be won in the adult film industry. And in 2005  , she also entered the ” The X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame “.

06)  But it is not only in adult movies we can see her face (and then some), she also has appeared in the biography of Howard Stern , Private Parts  (1997). Likewise, she has also lent his voice to the popular TV series Family Guy on one occasion in 2001. Her voice can also be found in video games  Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 of 2002 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from the same year.

07)  Her business she laid the foundation for -  Club Jenna, Inc. – acquired by Playboy Enterprises in 2006.

Jenna Jameson

08)  Her second husband, the male porn star  John G. Grdina , asked for a divorce because of Jenna’s difficulty becoming pregnant . Another reason must also have been that he could not cope with the stress of her cancer .

09)  Jenna Jameson is liberal and openly supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in 2008 .

10)  Just like Pamela Anderson have also Jenna been with the famous drummer  Tommy Lee . She has been dating Marilyn Manson at one stage. Today she has twins with UFC pro  Tito Ortiz .

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