10 Facts you probably did not know about Karate

Karate is originally from the island of Okinawa south of Japan. Kung-fu is in karate roots, possibly combined with other already existing domestic martial arts. Most expect Funakoshi Gichins exhibition in Tokyo in 1922 as the start of Japanese karate. Others choose to see Anko Itosu that Karate father, as Funakoshi, Choki Motobu, Mabuni Kenwa and many other prominent karate practitioners, who formed their own schools, his pupils or students’ students. Here are all the essentials you need to know about just karate!

 10 Facts you probably did not know about Karate

01)  Traditionally, the color of the best belt you can get black . But some Americans who practice the martial art is instead a  red color on the belt.

02) If you want to be involved in karate tournaments, it’s best to learn about etiquette before you face any opponent. Both before and after the game, you bow to your opponent. Just respect is an important part of the sport.

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03)  The uniform called ” g “, and is traditionally white . But in recent years, it has begun to be experimented with low color and in some compounds, one can see the white and blue or red and black uniforms.


04) Ed Parker is a famous person in American karate. He was regarded as the founder of American kenpo-karate , founded in the 1950s. One of his most famous students was also the singer  Elvis Presley .

05)  The high scream heard in connection with an explosive motion technology called ” kiai ” in Japanese, meaning ” unification will “.

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06)  The purpose of karate is to get a better life , not to learn it in order to defend himself, or to learn how to fight .

07)  martial art will be good for your mind  (concentration) and your soul  (emotional stability).


08) Why speak Japanese in karatedojon? Karate is no longer “only Japanese”, but because of the international scope which martial art is received, it is helpful to know the original language used in karate. Japanese karate terms should not be memorized from a long list, but should be taught along with techniques and concepts that you learn.

09)  The word “Kara” in karate means ” empty ” and “Te” means ” hand “. In other words, ” empty hand “. Originally named the martial art, however, ” kanji “, which instead meant “China hand”, because it was the Chinese who arrived in the martial art in Japan.

10)  On average, it takes anywhere from three to seven years to get the black belt. For some, it takes even longer.

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