10 Facts you Probably did not know about the Popes

Pope (from the Latin papa, “father”) is the title of Bishop of Rome, who is also the Catholic Church’s supreme leader. The word “pope” could be used to also be used on other high church leaders. Patriarch of Alexandria still carries the title of Pope, as head of the Maronite Church. The Roman Pontiff counted in areas such The Catholic Church as the Apostle Peter’s successor because Peter is considered the first bishop of Rome. The Catholic Church believes that the role and duties given to Peter lives on and has been given to the subsequent bishops in Rome. According to the Bible confided Jesus Christ himself, the Church of St. Peter. Here in Sweden we have no majority of Catholics, but at least a gang, so therefore we offer some exciting reading about just popes!

10 Facts you Probably did not know about the Popes

01)  One of the previously elected popes became a pure accident. In medieval times, the cardinals would often vote for a candidate random during the first papal vote just to see how the other cardinals voted but in 1334 failed this total when they all happened voted for the same person. Talk about Benedict XII was surprised when he was elected pope – quite by accident.

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02)  German monks live only on beer during Lent – just because they think it’s so good. However, they have at one time been feeling of guilt and sinful to drink beer, which resulted in that they took the beer to Rome for the Pope’s approval . Pope hated the beverage, resulting in that they are only allowed to drink beer in just fasting.

03)  Three days before Christmas in 1967 visited the US President Lyndon B. Johnson Pope Paul VI , in which they exchanged unique gifts. While the US president had an amazing painting from the 1400s by Pope Paul VI, Pope got himself a large bronze bust depicting Johnson’s head. Uhm, generously?

04)  In 1951 the Pope said Pius XII  to the Big Bang theory is compatible with Catholicism. So this was the first pope who recognized that the Big Bang may have taken place, rather that God created the universe.

05) If a Catholic priest reveals something someone said to him, any reason at all, he is automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church and can only be forgiven by the Pope .


06)  Pope Francis was once a bouncer outside a nightclub before he became pope. Talk about changing profession!

07) Benedict XVI  loved flying his own helicopter as pope, but did not know how the man was driving a car and had no driver’s license .

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08)  Pius XII , who often criticized for not speaking against Hitler , oversaw a rescue networks that saved 860,000 Jewish lives – more than all the international organizations together .


09)  The medieval Pope Gregory IX felt that the cats were an “incarnation of Satan .” This led to a mass death of the cats, which had advised the population to swell, which in their turn accelerated the spread of the Black Death . Well there.

10) Benedict XVI accused of conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse in the United States. But the Vatican’s request, granted President George W. Bush him immunity from prosecution.

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