10 Unknown Facts about Puma Swede you did not know

The thing with porn stars have always fascinated people, and to say the least created many questions. But a porn star’s life is not really so different over your life. This, we wanted to explain and prove, so we got in touch with the Swedish porn star Puma Swede (Johanna). Here are ten facts you should know about the Swedish pride in the pornographic industry!

10 Unknown Facts about Puma Swede you did not know 

01)  Johanna owns nearly anything . She has almost all their belongings in two suitcases , as she travels around with. A few boxes with some personal accessories are placed with friends and family. She owns also no furniture because she has no fixed address . Johanna says it was difficult to make off with things at first, but then it will be a relief to not own a lot of things.

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02) Johanna  read every day. Much fiction, but also about art, biographies and fiction books. She tells us that she never read a whole book in school, but cheated his way through all the records of books she would read. American Psycho was the first book she broke through, and still think it is one of the best books she has read. Besides his own book, then, of course, she laughs.

Puma Swede

06)  If she worked as a porn star , she would like to be a racing driver. Johanna says that she personally thinks that she is cruel to drive a car, but some passengers have thought that it goes a little too fast sometimes. Even the police a few times. She says that she has managed to bribe some officers with a couple of their  DVD movies to avoid fines. Then she always has a few extra copies of their films lying in the trunk of the car.

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07)  From having lived on sugar and empty calories which a typical meal could consist of chips and soda with a Snickers for dessert, she is now clean opposite . Today, she reads all the contents, but occasionally slips it down, however, a Snickers or two. However drink, she never sodas (as long as it is not rum & cola then). In the past, Puma Swede did not even know how to boil an egg, but in recent years she has become a real devil in the kitchen and impress constantly on their friends! The thing to be healthy just because it is narrow, as she had previously thought, she understood that it is not working.

08)  Johanna like really not the dentist and is somewhat panicked when she must visit one. Previously, she pulled out two teeth which she has said she will replace, but in recent days, she has begun to realize that she can handle himself quite well without these two teeth, and dental anesthetic syringes, then, of course.

Puma Swede

09)  She has never slalom skiing or snowboarding. Her family went  cross-country skiing and dog had to pull a sled with coffee and hotdogs as they grilled the forest. Johanna’s father insisted that most would be done outdoors so she was usually utschasad to the farm instead of getting watch TV at home. She says she guess that’s why she prefers outdoor activities and being out in the woods today!

10)  These are a few things that Johanna has on its bucketlist : launch its own lingerie collection , which hopefully is ready for summer. Going on safari in Africa and hike / fish in  Alaska . Making a remake of the classic ” Fäbodjäntan

Visit the “Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation” in Mexico. Have a konstutsställning in Sweden or elsewhere in the world. Go to Burning Man again and to be involved in a Quentin Tarantino-roll .

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