10 Interesting Facts about Solarium you probably did not know

solarium: Sunbathing or tanning is when a person stays in the sunlight with the main objective to make the skin browner by the pigment growth, in the form of a mild sunburn. When sunbathing was sooner often completely naked, now often worn swimwear, and in the first half of the 1900s was sunbathing medical treatment.

The verb “sunbathing” is known from the Swedish language since 1860, and in 1888 August Strindberg used the word in his short story collection Skärkarlsliv . As early as 1837 there is mention of “sunbathing” as a medical term. This is really just a very small part of just sunbathing, and here are ten facts you should know in the future if you plan to sunbathe!

10 Interesting Facts about Solarium you probably did not know

01The radiation from only ten indoor tanning sessions  over the course of a two-week period can suppress a person’s cancer, immune system significantly. Therefore, you should always sunbathe with moderate amounts and always listen to what the staff  tells you to where you are sunbathing you.


Despite decades of public health efforts to educate the public about the importance of protection against UV radiation  burns about 71% of tanning indoors at some time in this country. The audience that usually burns are women between the ages of 18-29 years .


03A study from the year 2014 , conducted in England, have shown that the new tanning beds is not healthier than the older models, and you run thus equal risk of irreversible but also in the newly tanning beds.


In Sweden, around 32% of all those who use a solarium between 18-21 years old. 30% are between 22-25 years , 22%  are between the ages of 26-29 years and only 16% are 30 years or older .


05Although vitamin D is an essential important part of our body and our mood, it is far safer to take in vitamin D through diet or sun rather than from a solarium .

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06The solarium is not only dangerous for the development of cancer , but can cause permanent structural damage to your skin . Among other things, it is likely that you get more wrinkles and other physical signs of aging on the skin and older. Your skin will also become less elastic than those who do not sunbathe in a solarium.



The number of people affected by cancer because of tanning bed is higher than the number of people affected by lung cancer because of smoking . In other words, harboring you at greater risk of getting cancer from sunbathing sunbed than smoking.

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08In countries such as Brazil , South Wales and Australia – to name just a few countries – it is several years forbidden to own a tanning bed and sunbathing indoors because of the massive damage it brings. And in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the UK, it is forbidden to tan indoors if you are under 18 years of age .



Besides cancer risks can be a frequent and deliberate exposure to UV light lead to a dependence of tanning, a condition colloquially known as ” tanning addiction .” Several studies have also found that those who are addicted to sunbathing are also more likely to suffer from anxiety or mood problems .

010In  2009 ranked International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC ) indoor tanning beds as the highest category of cancer risk as ” carcinogenic to humans.” Previously there had only been classified as ” probably carcinogenic to humans.”

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