Top 10 Facts you probably did not know whether to Hug

Surely it can not be someone who dislikes hugging? Just imagine coming home to your partner after a long day at school or at work, and add to hug his second half, instead of thinking about troubles or work stress your body! We think everyone should be squeezed a little more, and hereby invites therefore some useful facts about hugging – so you also know why you should do it more often!

Top 10 Facts you probably did not know whether to Hug

01)  A hug stimulates your nervous system and reduces the feeling of loneliness , you get easier to manage your  fears , increases self-esteem , reduce tensions and you will feel more appreciated – regardless of who the hug comes from.

02)  That both hug and cuddle unleashes oxytocin – a hormone that do everything from making you feel happy to feel solidarity with others.

03)  More hugs providing a lower blood pressure . The hormones released in the body after a hug is not only good for your  feelings – they can also help your physical health . When someone touches you physically activated pressure receptors that send signals to the  vagus nerve , an area of the brain that among other things is responsible for your blood pressure .

04)  To hug and cuddle with one another also strengthens your immune system ! When you’re in love, you often feel  invincible when you experience the hormone oxytocin, which is released in the body. This feel-good hormone makes it feel as if nothing can hurt you, who can also be a great advantage . Oxytocin also increases other hormone that makes you less susceptible to infections – and can more easily fight the ongoing infection.

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05)  To hugging much in a relationship strengthens actually the relationship. Often forgotten after some time how important physical contact  actually is. When your work is stressful and you come home, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on anything other than work. This way you give a negative strain on your relationship. Think instead to come home and cuddle with your partner, if only  ten minutes a day. These short breaks from the stress of everyday life will not only provide you with all the other benefits mentioned here, but will also deepen your relationship significantly.


06)  To hug can alleviate – and in some cases completely remove – pain , research studies have shown. Like anything hugging is good for the immune system , it is also good for physical pain .

07)  According to a study done at the University of Chapel Hill in northern California is hugging good for your heart . The people who are not embraced his partner in the experiment had a heart rhythm that was ten beats per minute faster than those who instead had to hold on to their partners.

08)  Children are often hugged become generally less stressed as adults . Would you do something for future generations? Hug them when they are small! The study was performed at the University Emory University, where it was experimented on mice. They found an association with hugging and unleash stress, especially during the  early stages of the life cycle. Scientists believe that the same applies to people, then mice and humans are very similar stress.


09)  To hugging can lead to more. Even non-erotic touch can release dopamine , a hormone that increases your sexual desire . To be touched often and much of your partner can lead to more sex , which also strengthens your relationship.

10)  Even social anxiety decrease when touched and when you hug, thanks to oxytocin hormone. It also allowed us people to think more positively and have a more positive attitude.

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