10 facts you probably did not know about winter

Winter is the coldest of the four seasons in areas with subtropical, temperate, subarctic climate and polar climate. In tropical climates, the term is sometimes used instead of “rainy season”. Here in our country in the north is winter in many places as the coldest for the moment, but now we at least the spring again! Since winter looks so different in different climatic zones lacking a universally accepted definition. One suggestion is that winter in the northern hemisphere covers November, December, January, February and March in some situations.

In the Southern Hemisphere, it is June, July and August is usually counted as the winter months. Another definition is the winter period between the abscission and leafing or the time when it is more than just temporary tends to be snow on the ground. How do you define the winter? While you’re thinking about it, you can take and read ten important facts that you very likely, at least not aware of winter!

10 Interesting Facts you probably did not know about Winter

01Twice as many die during the winter …
In countries where a subtropiskt- or polar climates are (like us here in Sweden), die about twice as many people over the winter period, compared to when the summer heat sets in. The main reason is its cool and accidents that occur on the slippery roads.

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02Men go running more on breast and women’s bodies during the winter compared to the summer …
In one study, men rated pictures of women’s breasts and bodies  as more attractive during the winter months, while those rated pictures of women’s faces, the same as during other periods of the year. Researchers believe that because men do not see women’s bodies as much during the winter, so they become more excited once they get to see – that is, during the winter months.


03The closer the sun is – the colder the earth …
Although this may seem seems totally backwards, so the Earth is actually at its closest to the sun in December, although the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. If everything had been logically it should have been the warmest when the Earth is closest to the sun – but no!


One can have phobia against snow …
Today there are fears and phobias against almost everything, but did you know that there are also phobia against the snow ? Chionofobi is a persistent fear of snow, especially that one should get stuck in or be trapped by snow. The term comes from the Greek words ” Chion ” and ” Phobos “, which means “snow” and “fear”.


05The world’s largest snowflake caught in the United States in 1887 …
According to the Guinness Book of Records fell the largest snowflake ever observed and documented 25 January in 1887 in Fort Keogh, Montana. It was the entire 38.1 cm wide and 20:32 thick when it fell to the ground. Readybaked snowman?

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06A septiljon snowflakes – every year …
Researchers have concluded that it falls at least  one septiljon  snowflakes from our cloud over the world during the winter period. It may sound very much – and yes, that ‘s it. A septiljon is a one followed by 24 zeros namely. On average falls a snowflake in about 5 km / h .



The insect Weta freezes solid in winter and then thawed again …
An insect found in New Zealand and called Weta (see picture below) will freeze completely solid when the temperature drops in winter. But when the temperature becomes milder again restores the insect to return normal mode, defrost and resume their activities.

08The record snowman …
Even record when it comes to the snowmen are, and those who hold the record for the world’s biggest snowman ever built a school in Bethel , Maine , and was documented as a world record by the Guinness Book of Records in February 1999 . Snowman reached nearly 3.5 meters in height and thus struck the previous record from Yamagata , Japan , as “only” reached just under three meters . In Bismarch , North Dakota, has also received a little  different record , where a school was a total of 8962 snow angels on the ground that was covered by snow. The record was set in 2007 and so far no one has managed to beat it!



Our sexual arousal dampened when it is cold …
The cold winter weather has a tendency to suppress our sexual feelings , and a cooler body temperature usually decreases arousal in  both men and women. And if you, as a woman feel less satisfied during the winter months, it may be because you have about 30% less likely to achieve orgasm if your feet are cold compared to when they are hot.

010The snow is not really white …
Snow looks white color in our eyes because it is a bunch of individual ice crystals that arranges together. When the light hits the snow, it bounces around the ice crystals and a “color” is created of all frequencies in the visible spectra, which are combined as much as white. While snow is white – as we see it – is individual ice crystals actually really transparent .

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