10 Reasons Men Should Not Make Her life Priority Couples

Getting qualified woman as a mate is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You love him so much; it seems you’re willing to do anything for him. The he became your main priority in any case. This is what most men in his beloved woman, both still a gebetan or are already a wife. However, prioritizing the woman in your life is a big mistake, Guys.

10 Reasons Men Should Not Make Her life Priority Couples

Yes, it should women be treated with respect, appreciated, and loved. However, in doing all of that, do not deserve you sacrifice yourself and hurt yourself. And a real man is the man who dared to stand firm on the beloved woman. This is what happens when you’re too glorifies and makes gebetan or partner as a priority in your life.

Drape happiness in the he can make you miserable while he was not present for you. When he cares, you took so hard and told her to be happy for your sake. When the he made a mistake, her pain could be tenfold taste. And when she left, hollow heart seemed to want to die. So, even though you love dies on the him, lest ye forget the independence and overload yourself.

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This is one result of the attitude codependen on others. As if life was always missing something and you can never heal. Even when you are happy with the him, surely there’s always something that feels less of you. When you hang up your life to him, without realizing you have forgotten wholeness and individualism.

Happiness depend on others to make you always questioning and analyzing every gesture him to you. Everything you do, you do for the sake of happiness, not happiness. So when he did not like what you are doing, you are disappointed and angry as hell. You are really overthinking , always think the worst that could happen. Eventually you become easily upset, jealous, and possessive for no apparent reason.


When you’re already jealous and possessive, you start blaming your partner because he was not trying to make you happy. Eventually he begins to saturate and feel miserable with you because you did not give him space in the relationship.

Because Couples are already establishing him as the sole source of your happiness, your friends are no longer important to you. You begin to resist calls to gather them being too busy with him. Initially it, they can understand you. However, when it transmissivity, they would be embarrassed and away from you too. Only after you left him, you realize how lonely you are.


Naturally, if you feel lost and miss him after quality time at the beginning of imitation. However, if it continues, it is already addicted to his name. Like a drug addict who feels empty and unhealthy before getting the drug, you will never be happy until he comes to you.

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You are happy when he was there, but after she disappeared, you start to confusion and anxiety. After a long time, you become more demanding on him. You attempt to monopolize his life for the sake of satisfying candumu.

Sooner or later, you will realize to have lost him. Not only that, you will also lose the dream, a purpose in life, and the love of the self. That is why you should not be sacrificed for the sake of dreams and wholeness yourself to make others happy. If someone said that the expense of jobs, friendships, and life for the sake of loved ones is a necessity, it’s nonsense.


If you say, “It’s not what I suffer, as long as he is happy,” means you hate yourself. You do not realize how valuable it yourself. You try desperately unhappy she was, but you forget yourself happy. You pretend to be happy when you’re miserable. After that, you will always succumb and sacrifice because you’re afraid of a fight and abandoned him. Is such an attitude reflects a real man, Guys?

Relationships that exalts the couple had rotted and the predictable failure from the beginning, Guys. Actually already knew deep down, that you are afraid of losing her vulnerable. If left unchecked, the link will run one way and not balanced. So, before you solidify yourself love someone, make sure you already love yourself, yes!

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