21 Ways to Become an Elegant and Mighty Lovable Lady on Kartini Day

Happy Kartini Day, Ladies! It is on this day that all Indonesian women are fully aware of their elegance and mightiness as women.

However, often women misunderstand that being a lovable woman should be pretty like a model or torture yourself by doing something uncomfortable for her to be considered attractive.

Then, what would be like to be an elegant and mighty Lovable Lady on this Kartini Day? Here are 21 ways!

1. Learn to use the word “no” more often

It’s hard to deny someone’s request, especially if you want to please others. However, fulfilling the request of others when you feel not sincere can also harm them, you know. If you more often prioritize others than yourself, you will torture yourself and suffer.

Even so, always watch your tone when rejection , yes! Rejection is subtle but also firm so you do not have to offend other people.

2. Expand Reading To Add Insight

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Although you’re a nerdy woman, there must be times when you find it difficult to find the right time to read on the sidelines of busyness. Even so, there are many benefits of reading that you can get. Reading can help you spur memory, pump creativity, reduce stress, even improve your quality as a couple!

3. Be a Model in Your Own Social Media

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Being an amateur model can add to your confidence, Ladies! There are so many ways to do it. If you have a photographer friend, you can offer him a photographing work to promote his work on social media. Take advantage of your social media as a means of expressing yourself healthy with your elegant work!

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4. Follow the Self Defense Course

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In addition to useful for health, following a martial course also increases confidence, awareness, self-discipline, and maintain your body balance. You will turn into a woman who is not only beautiful, but also powerful . Plusnya value, you are also more resilient and not easily careless when facing bad people.

5. Stop Apologizing For Something That Is Not Your Fault

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Kartini Day is the right day to be firm on your stance without apologizing and approval  from others. Apologizing can be a bad habit. It’s not that you should not apologize , but you should be able to distinguish the reasons you apologize, either because you made a mistake or because something is out of your control? You must learn to distinguish between the two situations.

6. Creating a Realistic Small Target For Yourself

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The key to changing your life to get better drastically is to make small changes to yourself. Either finish one book every month, consume more mineral water, exercise half an hour at the gym every few weeks, and so forth. If you are able to live your consistent targets, big changes will await you in the near future!

7. Meditation

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Meditation or worship can be a way to achieve physical and mental calm. Meditating is useful for health because it can improve the body’s immune function . Mentally, your level of empathy is also growing rapidly thanks to meditation as well as expelling anxiety disorders and increasing your body’s tolerance for pain!

8. Eat More Nutritious Foods

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Not that you should be on a strict diet and forget about your favorite junk food , but do not forget the other healthy foods! Eating nutritious foods like whole grains, fiber, vitamins, healthy protein, and enough mineral water on a regular basis can help your body work better. Your mood is also easier to calm down and not easily emosian!

9. Make a Charm For Yourself That You Can Say Every Day

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Creating positive feedbacks for yourself on Kartini Day is very helpful for you to start all activities. Words like, “I can do it!” Or ” I’m awesome !” Or “I’ll make it!” Can be a suggestion that leads you to success.

Having such spells can calm your feelings and motivate you to do whatever makes you even stronger. Your spell also prevents you from getting caught up in panic.

10. Expand Your Own Activities That You Can Do Every Day

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Many women who object to doing their own activities for fear of loneliness. Although socializing with your spouse and friends is very important, your own time is equally beneficial! Whether planning traveling alone, watching a cinema without a partner, or trying a new café in the absence of friends, lest you lose with your fear, Ladies!

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