23 Matte Lipstick Brands for Lovers Traveling

23 Matte Lipstick Brands for Lovers Traveling

Such as traveling shoes, for a lipstick fit for traveling is also very important. Because, when the roads (especially to places far) not the time to dress up too much, probably not even had time to; that’s why women need a lipstick that can be durable and comfortable to use all day.

To accommodate this, emerges a new trend that is very loved woman: matte lipstick.

What is the excess lipstick matte? The gentle touch of lipstick did have a very strong resistance. Matte lipstick is so cool, flexible, and very worthy to adorn your lips.

In addition, the matte lipsticks have the effect to keep a fresh appearance, in addition to not easily attached to objects that touched your lips.

Cool lipstick

There are some powerful tips that you matte lipstick last longer. First, moisten your lips to dry skin and fine lines are not visible. Second, choose a lip pencil or lip liner color that matches the lip or neutral. It serves as the colonies to create a matte lipstick is getting stronger. Finally, consider how to apply because this is very important. Use a lipstick brush lips (lip brush) directly from the lipstick and apply to the lips of the tip.

From the color of firm, bright, until neutral, here are some of the latest lipstick collection that can accompany you in your traveling. We also include its original price for you.

1. Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick – Yves Saint Laurent (37$)

Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

2. Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick – Smashbox (24$)

Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick

3. Lip Tint LipSurgence – Biscuits (24 $)

LipSurgence Lip Tint

4. Stila (22$)


5. Sephora (16$)


6. Velvet Matte Lip Colour – Christian Louboutin (90$)

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Velvet Matte Lip Colour

7. A Kiss to the Classics – Bodyography (17$)

A Kiss to the Classics

8. Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil – Nudestix (24$)

Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil

9. Pure Matte Lipstick – NARS (28$)

Pure Matte Lipstick

10. Velour Lovers Lip Colour – Laura Mercier (28$)

Velour Lovers Lip Colour

11. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – NARS (26$)

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

12. Matte Finish Lipstick – NARS (28$)

Matte Finish Lipstick

13. Artist Rouge Lipstick – Make Up Forever (22$)

Artist Rouge Lipstick

14. Dolce Matte Lipstick – Dolce & Gabbana (38$)

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Dolce Matte Lipstick

15. The Matte Lip Color – Kevyn Aucoin (33$)

The Matte Lip Color

16. Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Kat Von D (20$)

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

17. ‘Matte Revolution’ Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick – Charlotte Tilbury (32$)

'Matte Revolution' Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick

18. Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour – Chanel (37$)

Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour

19. Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick – Ciatè London (19$)

Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick

20. Anastasia Beverly Hills (20$)

Anastasia Beverly Hills

21. Creamy Matte Lip Color – Bobbi Brown (28$)

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Creamy Matte Lip Color

22. Matte Crème Lip Crayon – Bite Beauty (24$)

Matte Creme Lip Crayon

23. Lip Velvet Lipstick – Burberry (34)

Lip Velvet Lipstick

How? Cool-cool not premium above the row of lipstick? Although expensive, the quality is really satisfying!

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