5 Best Pizza Restaurants, Hottest and Most Delicious in the World

The food on this one, are getting a lot of fans. People are interested will apparently appetizing. Not to mention if the flavor is so impressive. They can come back to the pizza place is located. No doubt, today we can see a lot of restaurants or pizza places ranging from luxurious to the cheaper versions made-meriahnya. The Company was no less renowned pizza motion. They continue to expand open branches here and there. They are also increasingly keen to make a breakthrough. Whether it’s by adding topping- her, to make the price more affordable, introducing new flavors, etc. But the restaurant which is claimed as a presenter of the best and most delicious pizza in the world?

10 Best Pizza Restaurants and Most Delicious in the World 2016

01) Sbarro

In 1956, Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro Sbarro founded LLC in Brooklyn, New York, United States. They had time to replace the logo with the colors of the flag country, Italy, which is the red-white-green. The restaurant serves pasta, salads, and pizza. They then developed the business by opening many branches with the same dish. Their names were gradually popular, especially among lovers pizza.

Now they have been operating about 60 years. During that time they have been expanding their networks to 33 countries, with a total reach of 800 restaurants. There are open in malls, airports, campuses, or any other area. They had to face the financial crisis, but its leaders to move quickly, so that the problem will be solved soon. Now they can reap revenues of $ 92 million.

02) Godfathers

Pizza Restaurants, Hottest and Most Delicious in the World

The movie “Godfather” released in 1972. A year later, a pizza restaurant with the same name stands in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to its naming, the restaurant this one does have two major advantages. They create a unique concept and unforgettable taste, which makes people curious and even become customers. Imagine, people immediately salivating see pizza crust or thick layers of skin, accompanied by quality mozzarella cheese topping is tempting.

Their commitment to serve “pizza that baseball can be rejected” is maintained. Not to forget, they also continue to make innovations. Godfather managed to become magnet chocolate lovers also when they introduced the “Big Chocolate” with a diameter of nine centimeters. They also show concern for customers who complained of allergies, i.e. by providing free pizza glutton. Dedication that made the company is growing, so that now they have 640 restaurants. As for earnings which amounted to $ 113.7 million.

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03) Papa Murphy’s

Pizza Restaurants, Hottest and Most Delicious in the World

At its inception, namely in 1981, this restaurant uses the name of Papa Aldo’s. Then in 1995, they did a merger with Murhy’s Pizza, so the name changed to Papa Murphy’s. Now they transformed into one of the operator and franchisor of the largest in America. In 2015, they successfully inaugurated 167 branches at the same restaurant. So the total has now reached 1536 places. It was still targeted will continue to be added until the number reached 4500 places.

Concerning the quality is no doubt Papa Murphy’s even been satisfied with various awards. From 2000, the magazine Pizza Today has been awarded “Chain of the Year” four times. Then in 2009, Franchise Business also bestowed the title of “Franchise Satisfaction” on them. Not to mention that in 2015, Economic win them as a pizza product the customer choice. All the achievements were further enhance the reputation and of their income to reach $ 120 million.

04) California Pizza Kitchen

Two former federal prosecutors, Rick Rosen field and Larry Flax, founded the company in 1985 in Beverly Hills. Incidentally both did have a passion for the same in the area of food . Collaboration both then further developed the California Pizza Kitchen, which until now has 250 stores, spread across 30 US states and in 11 other countries.

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One-on-one advantage of this place is the comfort provided when customers come in droves with family, friends, or business associates. In 2014, for the second time California Pizza Kitchen got high voting from readers of The Daily Meal Magazine as the best pizza American style. Still in the same year, the readers of Entrepreneur magazine also make CPK as the brand most trusted. Consumer confidence that no doubt had a large impact on their revenues, which reached $ 495 million.

05) Cicis Pizza

In 1985, Joe Croce establishes Cicis Pizza in the area of ​​Plano, Texas. The number of pizza places make Cicis must have its own uniqueness. They also “courage” to make any pizza, salad, pasta, and soups order customers. This makes Cicis Pizza is getting swamped with customers. They felt that Cicis able to meet the expectations, both in terms of orders or taste. The advantages that make Cicis skyrocketed, until able to spread as many as 450 branches.

Pizza Restaurants, Hottest and Most Delicious in the World

The strategy to develop the company supported also by the program “Build the Brand”, which opens the opportunity to franchise. But they are committed to hiring the best. Effort, dedication, and innovation they could not be separated from the public spotlight. In 2014, the Customer’s Choice award Technologic made them as the winner for the category of “child-friendly restaurant”. Likewise, the Parents Magazine and Zagat, who called Cicis Pizza as a friendly family restaurant Not to mention the Entrepreneur Magazine who enter the company name as a top 500 franchiser. Big names that makes them great income as well, reaching $ 498.7 million.

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