5 Advantages of E-Passport is Rarely Unknown for You

E-Passport: Completeness air-traveling to foreign countries with more sophisticated variants have already entered into force in 2013 in Indonesia. prerequisite for a backpacker who has a hobby out of the land it is to have a passport.

5 Advantages of E-Passport is Rarely Unknown for You

Documents such as green book is much needed by a traveler Indonesia because it will be asked by the immigration authorities upon entering their country. For frequent overseas, bound book filled with ornaments passport stamp from immigration officials in various countries.

With the growing age, passports are now there are electronic, which is abbreviated as e-passports. Completeness air-traveling to foreign countries with more sophisticated variants have already entered into force in 2013 and more and more devotees.

Create the traveler who has not got a passport must be wondering, what’s the difference of ordinary passports with e-passport? To be sure, because it is more modern, certainly has its own advantages and faster submission process. In addition, the biometric data of the holder of the e-passport is also stored in the book, such as a fingerprint to its owner’s face shape. Everything is recorded in accordance with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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Here are five advantages of e-passports are rarely known to many people.

No chip


Even though it looks like a regular passport book, was in e-passport chip that stores no data owners, as mentioned above, namely fingerprints and face shape. In addition, other personal data of the owner of the e-passport also given a detailed and accurate than ordinary passports, making it easier for immigration authorities to access and provide entry to a country.

difficult Faked

Passport forgery is very often the case in the criminal world. With e-passports, document copying will be difficult to do and not open to abuse, though it changed hands to others. But it does not mean to stay calm if lost, yes, my friend Braito. Immediately mismanagement at the Immigration though not complicate yourself later on.

More Practical and Faster

Tired of standing in line while waiting for their turn to enter the immigration? Probably because the people in front of the Companions Braito not use e-passports. If they use it, it did not take long for immigration officers to carry out identity checks. Even in some airports already have the system autogate. Live scan any book e-passports, free direct swing, entry to the country people.


The advantage of having an e-passport when visiting other countries is the visa-free facilities to countries that have such agreements. You could say, because of this convenience Indonesia more and more people are turning to e-passports.

There ban

Because it has a chip in it, there is a taboo that should not be Companions Braito against e-passports do this, they must not be bent, folded, even perforated. In addition, the e-passport should not be to concede a liquid. Store in a place with a reasonable temperature and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, and do not put near places that have magnetic fields. All that to keep the chip to work optimally, without any interference.

So, for the plans to extend the passport due to expire, updated only by switching to e-passports. The amount of convenience that is owned by the e-passport will facilitate Braito Companions in adventure around the world.

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