5 Surprising Benefits If Women Do not Wear Bra

Bra became one of the inseparable female friends . But still, women will feel very relieved when they can take off the bra. Moreover, a good bra and expensive even too long to make uncomfortable. Whether it seems pinched, make stuffy, cause abrasions, etc.

5 Surprising Benefits If Women Do not Wear Bra

Many women are wearing a bra just to match what is commonly used. For that, they will feel something is missing if you have to remove it. But then, there is a movement to raise awareness of breast cancer, ie by removing a bra or bh.

Here are 5 other reasons why not wearing a bra can be useful. Jom !

1. Bra No Effect on Breast

The women who wear bra believe that daleman can prevent slack. We begin to wear it as a support for the chest to look upright. But the results of the study of Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of the University of Franche-Comté just opposite. According to the results of his research, muscle and breast tissue is even stronger if women do not wear a bra.

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2. Removing the Bra Can Smooth Circulation

When removing the bra, it means that we release the bond that circles the chest. Automatically, the circulation will be better and smoother. We ourselves will feel relieved, not feel pressed and stammer. This increased circulation will affect the skin, making it more toned and healthy.

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3. Breasts Will Be More Prominent

Still based on the research of Jean-Denis Rouillon, women  ‘s nipples that do not wear bra tend to stand out 7 mm than those who like to wear a buffer. This method is certainly cheaper and natural than having to undergo surgery.

4. Feel Better and Relief

A chest caged by a bra will feel relief when it can be released. It feels so light, no overcrowding sensation. If any worry will damage the appearance, we can wear a bra with a typical form of bra in the chest, so it can support both breasts.

5. We Can So Check Breasts

Women are sometimes more busy choosing and sorting a bra than by paying attention to her own breasts. Though there are some signs that can be early detection for things that are not expected to happen. So when deciding to take off the bra, we have a better chance to pay attention to our own chest. There may be suspicious lumps, strange shapes, visible wounds, etc.

In the end, the decision to wear or remove a bra is in the hands of the woman herself.

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