6 Mistakes Women are also Often Do Men in Relationships

“Women always play the code!”, “Very sensitive woman, hell!”, Or “Why are women so hard to understand?” Are some of the many complaints from men about women mistake their current love relationship. It sounded as if there are so many errors that only made by women in relationships.

Knowingly, Guys, men can also make the same mistake, you know. Men also can be sensitive, play codes, and make women faint because it is difficult to understand. This article is not intended to make a woman look better than men. The essence of this article is the man often accuse women make mistakes following, without ever realizing they are also similar or even often. Gee, errors such as what is meant? Here is a common mistake women in a relationship who was also often do men.

6 Mistakes Women are also Often Do Men in Relationships

1. Silent Treatment

Women often answered “I do nothing,” or say anything when they are upset or angry. This is what often makes him upset. Why is it that women do not directly talk alone? However, women also have felt the same thing. There are still men out there that are still difficult to express his feelings. So they prefer silent time asked his partner.

2. Too Emotional

A little bit crying, sulking , angry is something that seems to only be done by the women. Like the weather, emotions woman’s hard to predict, can not be controlled, and difficult to tame.

Actually, he was equally emotional. Only, they need a plausible reason from emotion felt. For example, when a man is upset because nothing upset him, so they are not considered to be emotional. However, when he saw a woman crying, immediately branded emotional and sensitive as it is for men, women usually cry for no apparent reason.

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Guys, anger is equally emotional man with a woman weeping. Men also can get angry without cause as women who cry for no reason. Stop judging women on their own feelings.

3. Too Needy

Woman wants always praised, can never be left alone and diligent grumbling. Make no mistake, he is also just as guilty of this. There are many men who shall ego stroked constantly by women. There is also a possessive man against his partner because he is insecure. Men are often annoying because women often complain about various things.

4. Too Jealous

Who says only women are jealous? Men also can do it. Perhaps the difference is when the jealous woman, others think she is too needy , but as soon as he is jealous, others think he is a very loving partner. That view is wrong! Both men and women who do it, jealousy is not a healthy attitude and also not one form of affection.


5. Accusing Couple Insensitive

Do not want to say what he felt, but demands to be understood. That’s the fault of women. You know, men are also often do this. Generally, men do not taught to express their emotions in a more healthy way. Communication problems can be experienced by everyone, either men or women.

6. Too Noting Appearance

Always check the make up, took too long to dress up and look in the mirror often frustrating it is to some men. Actually, just like women, men also love to spend time and money on his appearance. Just like men, not all women are too concerned with appearances. However, you should also know, there are many men who are too care about her appearance as women.

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