7 Nature of Women Who Hated Boys Boy (But Likes Adult Men!)

There is no such thing as a perfect woman. As good as you as a woman, there must be men who do not like one or several aspects of your personality. That’s very natural, because everyone has different tastes and criteria for couples. However, there are times when the nature of a woman who is supposed to be positive for herself and others is considered a deficiency that some men hate!

How did it happen? Because of your nature is threatening their ego . If you are dealing with a grown man , he will not mind and is happy that you have seven strong female characters that are often hated by the boy boy!

1. Firmly

The assertiveness of a woman often brings calm to a grown man. Because it means you will not hesitate to rebuke him when he makes a mistake. In addition, he can also calm you and help you solve the problems that are in sight. If you can keep up with each other like this, you can be sure you will be a lasting partner!

2. Dare to Recognize Mistakes

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The adult man is delighted to see his partner dare to be responsible for his mistakes or shortcomings. Instead of judging, he will help you to resolve the conflict together. He wants to make you feel better by making sure anything that bothers you can be well forgotten.

3. Hard Worker

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The boy boy would hate to see his partner working hard because he feels less attention. Different if you are pairing with adult men. When you are busy, he must also have other activities. He considers the ambition that drives you to work hard is very sexy. In the eyes of adult men, women who do not hesitate to work hard or pursue his dream is very interesting and worth fighting for.

4. Dare to Take Risks

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Dare to take risks is also a positive trait women can have. Dare to take risks does not necessarily mean you are desperate to do dangerous activities or risk yourself. You are also a risk taker if you dare to do something that has never been or feared for you to try before without hesitation. You do not think about what others say or think too much about the consequences.

5. Diligent Self-Care

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The child is not very happy to see you beautify yourself for fear you will be seized by other people or ego feel hurt. Though the woman who loves herself is very sexy. It means you do not hang your confidence on others. An adult couple wants you to look as good as you can and be as comfortable as you want to be. He wants to praise your beauty, and wants you to be happy when you are beautifully praised by him.

6. Ambitious

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An ambitious woman would want to build her future as well as she could. You definitely want to be your best self and will sue your partner to do the same. If he’s an adult couple, he’ll love to grow with you. Though at first she will think you are fussy, but she is happy that you care about her and believe that you can build a future together.

7. Be Honest to Your Feelings

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The boy will say you are spoiled or too needy when you express your honest feelings. Adult men just hate women who prefer silence and told him to guess his partner’s feelings.

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