7 Relationship Attitudes Only Independent Women Do to Their Couples

Ladies, who says independent woman is troublesome and just dwarfs her partner? Indeed, there are independent women out there who feel they are better than their spouses, but not all of them. Qualified self-sufficient women want EQUALITY in relationships rather than being better than their spouses.

So, if you think that being an independent woman makes men stay away, it means the men around you are a lossy man who can not equate himself with his partner. When you become an independent woman in relationship, it must be much different.

You choose a partner not because you can depend on your partner, but because you know he is equal to you to foster a balanced relationship. Here are 7 special treatment for your spouse from you as an independent woman.

1. You Always Provide a Balanced Contribution As Given in Relationships

Since you want equality, you want to make a balanced contribution to the relationship . For example, if he’s paying you dinner, you’ll definitely pay you to watch. If he cooks you will do the dishes. Whatever kind of relationship, an independent woman always makes sure she contributes and encourages her partner to give the same in relationships.

2. You Also Have Other Busyness to Take Care of, So You Will Not Drift In Relationships

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Do not expect independent women like you will be spoiled and clingy  on the couple. Currently you may have a career or education that is being undertaken. You also want to go through hobbies, hang out with friends, and take care of the family. Your life is always colored by productive activity. You are fully aware that human life does not have to focus on romance alone . You also want the couple to have the same busyness so that you can still be a whole person even though they are already in pairs.

Your mate’s maturity can be judged from here. If he can respect your busy life, you will definitely dedicate your time specially to him. But if not, you will not hesitate to decide him.

3. You Will Tell Your Boundaries and What You Can / Can not Do In Relationships

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In the beginning of the relationship , you will tell you exactly what you want to be treated and what kind of treatment you do not like from your partner . If you do not like to be curbed, shouted, or grounded, you will definitely tell. You will not play the codes and immediately express your wishes that aim to improve the quality of relationships. And of course, you also want to know your partner’s limits too.

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4. You Will Invite Couples Discuss Your Sexual Preferences

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Independent women certainly want to be respected and respected by their partner, and you also want to respect your partner in the same way. So, you invite the couple to discuss your sexual preferences. You will tell when you want to have sex, whatever you like and dislike in sex, then ask your partner to respect your limitations and preferences . When the couple also tells you his preference, you want both of you to be able to make each other feel comfortable and have sex with a balanced and non-coercive satisfaction.

5. You Also Want to Be Treated as a Feminine Woman Without Degrading By Her Couple

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Semandirinya women, they still want to be led by men, really. An independent woman does not mind at all being treated, wooed, pampered, opened by her partner, or taking care of the child as long as she is respected and not humiliated. You want your partner to know you are not a weak woman and can be treated just as easily. When you let yourself be treated sweetly by him and willing to do housekeeping, you do so out of respect, love and affection to your spouse.

6. You Invite Couples to Talk About Joint Financial Issues

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When discussing financial issues, independent women want openness from each other. You realize the couple is already obliged to support his family, but independent women like you also want to work together in finance. So you make sure your expenses are the result of a fair, impartial agreement.

7. You Want a Clear Purpose Of Your Relationship

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You do not want to think in a relationship, because you also have a clear purpose of the relationship that you live. If you do not want to get married, you certainly will not want to be forced by a partner. You want to make sure you have a relationship purpose in line before going through a relationship. Therefore, you prefer to establish relationships based on honest, open, and respectful communication.

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