9 Things About Loving Yourself You Need to Know

Love yourself is one of the key to having a healthy relationship. Loving yourself is now quite popular, but there are still people who have the wrong perception about it. Some say self-love is a narcissistic or selfish attitude. Others think self-love means you have to indulge in luxury.

Though loving yourself does not have to always do that. How to love yourself right is to take your own time , do whatever you like and make you happy that you are more productive, active in relationships, and improve the quality of your life.

In order not to be wrong again with the concept and the process, here are 9 things about loving yourself that you must know.

1. The process of loving oneself is not always fun

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Self-loving concepts are often likened to self-relaxation and pampering activities such as mani-pedi, spending money, wading in warm water, lazing around, or enjoying expensive food.

Rarely do we think that doing activities that we are reluctant to do also include the process of loving and caring for yourself. Taking care of ourselves by paying monthly bills, going to the doctor for check-ups , cleaning up the house, and saving for the future is very important to have a life balance.

2. The process also takes a moment

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Just like other aspects of life, taking care of yourself also has its own process that you can not accept the results rush. For example, you have just taken a yoga course to take care of your health, but there are times when you go back to old habits where you prefer to sleep all day at home. It is okay! Do not force yourself. Live just the way it is, enjoy the process.

3. You Can Also Ask Help If Required

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Caring for and caring for yourself means you prioritize your personal needs and make sure everything is fulfilled, but that does not mean you can do it all alone.

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Contacting friends, spouses, or family to talk about your problems is also a very productive step. Because by talking to them, you can lift some of your emotional burden. So do not be shy again contacting them for advice, yes!

4. Sometimes, Love Yourself Must Also Involve Others

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Loving yourself means you have to prioritize personal needs that seem quite selfish and narcissistic. In fact, taking care of yourself needs help, you know. As revealed in the previous point, you must ask for help to others when needed. Their responses and help can be a guide for improving self-qualities.

5. Loving Yourself Requires a Lifetime Commitment

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Taking care of yourself is not enough to do just once. Once you feel better, sooner or later, those feelings will evaporate. Changing lifestyle to be healthier, evaluate yourself, maintain health is an activity that you should do regularly. As your life continues to grow every day, so does the way you take care of yourself. This process will never completely stop until the end of your life.

6. Caring for Yourself Does not Have To Be Expensive

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It’s okay to spend a budget as expensive as possible to take care of yourself if that’s what you want. However, taking proper care of yourself does not have to be that way, really. Just think about any activity that makes you calm and happy. Either just watching television alone at home, volunteering at an orphanage, doing worship, and much more. Undoing the intention to take care of yourself for being too expensive is no longer an excuse!

7. The way you take care of yourself does not have to be the same with others!

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We are all unique human beings and can not be compared with each other. Not necessarily yoga or writing a journal suits you, so you are looking for other activities that are more appropriate to take care of yourself. Do not be afraid of being perverted by others simply because your activities are not common in their eyes. As long as you do not hurt yourself and others, why not?

8. Too Self-Pain Can Make You Stress

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Taking care of yourself is very important, but do not push yourself. Forcing yourself with excessive exercise, super-tight diet, and too long alone is not healthy. Give yourself a chance to adjust and manage a self-care routine that does not have to drain energy!

9. And You Can Start From The Little Things!

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You do not have to make drastic changes in life to love yourself. Paying attention to the little things in your life also includes the process of taking care of yourself as well, you know. Start small and keep improving your progress. Make the process of taking care of yourself as the main routine in your daily life so that you are more calm and alert when faced with major changes in your life.

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