9 Ways to Forget Former When He Is Still Imaginable in Your Mind

Even though you’ve been a long break from the former, but there’s always something to remind you, so you’re hard to move on  and find ways to forget the former. When the former shadow still haunts your mind, you must be hard to find a new partner, because it seems no one can replace what you have with the former first. What should you do to stop comparing and forgetting a powerful ex?

Continue to imagine the former and want the past to return to you in vain again. If you promised yourself to get rid of all your fantasies and expectations about the former, then you are ready to do 9 ways to forget the former here!

1. Do not Just Focus on Beautiful Memories Only!

All relationships must have good and bad memories. If you break up from the former, it means much more bad memories than good. When you only remember the good memories, you must build unrealistic expectations about the former.

Try to remember again the real reason you broke up. Maybe he often said rude to you, he is too ignorant, you are cheated on, and so on as a slap that your relationship is irreversible.

2. Find Out The Reason Why You Still Miss Former

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When you see something that makes you think of the former, can you remember anything else that makes you ilfeel with the former? For example, you remember the former person often makes you laugh, but you can also remember again the former often laughs at you with his jokes that hurt your feelings.

3. Make a Comparison List For How To Forget Former

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Making comparative lists is very useful to be your solution of turmoil. Prepare a piece of paper and pen, then write the positive things you feel with the former. After that, write down the negative things that you feel are also with him.

When you see both lists, you will get enlightenment and a good reason why you should move on and forget about him. Save the list so you can still be realistic about the former problem.

4. Stop Comparing New Pairs With Former

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Finding a new partner after breaking up can be very difficult. However, keep in mind that your new partner is not a former, regardless of some similarities or differences that they have.

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If you think realistically, your ex will not be able to match your new partner. Comparing people is very unhealthy, because each relationship brings a unique and irreplaceable taste. Keep in mind the former will make you lose the better things that await you in the future.

5. Ask Your Friends To Remind You How Severely Your Relationship With The Formerly

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Friends or family can always be an objective reminder that will slap you when you start to shadow again. They can easily tell what happened to hurt you when you were with the former. There is nothing wrong you confide in a friend and ask their advice. They must have swiftly told you many reasons you should forget the former.

6. Remember Again The Times You Suffer While Still Together Formerly

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After breaking up from the former, chances are you’ll question yourself why you’ve been sticking with the former. Recall again when you feel slumped, stressed, and desperate every time you quarrel with the former.

You continue to imagine the former because you forget the bad things that happened to you. If you are still confused why you can not forget him, remember your suffering first.

7. You Who Have Been Being Different Than You Who Was Together With The Ex

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Consciously or not, all relationships change you. Unhealthy relationships not only change you, but also torture you. However, once you get out of the relationship, you will learn to heal yourself and develop into a better person. You spend more time with friends, spending your thoughts and energy on things you love until your self-identity returns.

8. Shadow Will Be Ex Fairly Fair, But Not Always Healthy For You

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Remembering the former memories is perfectly normal, everyone has done it, no matter they have moved on or not. However, building expectations of such memories is very unhealthy. Remembering something based on fantasy rather than reality can actually lead you to build your life with lies.

While constructing expectations of the former may not necessarily hurt you directly, your true life will be negatively affected. Surely, you do not want your past to stop you from getting a better partner.

9. Remember, You Disconnected Former Because There’s a Reason

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If your relationship is as beautiful as your fantasies, you will still be invented instead of breaking up. So, there must be a special reason that makes your relationship fail. As hard as you try to twist that reality to suit your expectations, you will not be able to change the bitter reality that you experienced with the former. Once you turn back, your chances are most likely to repeat the same mistake again.

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