These Actual Meaning behind Your Panties Selections

Panties not only can accentuate your body? Which eventually could make him say, “oh yes, please!” he sees it, but also reveal your personality. Although worn hidden under clothing worn, but there are mystical and feminine sides of panties. It’s a part of a woman that belongs to her alone. Nothing can beat the thrill of satin, lace, or soft cotton with models and motifs cute or sexy when worn to the body (especially after a bath!). Sound lebay ? According to Jenny Block, author of O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm, panties is a little secret known only to the person wearing it-and the man who slept with her. Jenny said the discovery of interesting (but no so surprising ) about these things. When she started a relationship with a man, then the panties directly into the item has looked. Women believe that this thing could be a huge confidence boost, ‘switch on’ intimacy, also evokes passion in bed. So what exactly is the secret panties your favorite?

These Actual Meaning behind Your Panties Selections

Boy Shorts

could say this model ‘safest’, shaped like shorts, but still highlight your butt but slightly closed. Your butt as if peering flirty boy shorts that you wears. If the boy shorts are your favorites, then you are among those who give priority to comfort. You kind of easy going, who loved freedom, and usually friendly. Buff boy shorts feel no need to perform ‘vulgar’ to have a mate. Boy shorts are all about the tease. Appearing in front of the couple wearing boy shorts when he was watching TV will make confusion with your intent. Do you want to join to watch football with him or do you want to fuck?

Lacy thong

If the thong is the panties of your favorite, then you are among those who are confident. The model that exposes the buttocks show that you are happy to appear (and recognized) as a sexy ethereal being . Users thong as if it wanted to end the day by having sex with a partner. Not only that, you buff the thong would wear a thong is not just for self-gratification, but also for partner satisfaction. You open to new things, adventurous, and ahem … wild. You want to impress your guy, but You also expect the same from him.

White cotton panties

classic model panties white as your choice shows that you are a simple man. You are not ambitious and follow where the ‘wind’ carry. No wonder many are misinterpreting that you are lazy. Intimate Dating Your dream is to spend time together a couple on the beach, drinking a cocktail or cuddling a day with his girlfriend in a bungalow on the seafront.

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Granny Panties

Model granny may be the only lingerie that is less noticed by men because of their size ‘width’ so do not ’embrace’ perfect your bikini area. But make no mistake, not all men think like that. Men will admire the cool and doesn’t-give-af ** k attitude you have. Moreover, the most important thing a couple of preferred course of what is behind the granny panties , right?

Actual Meaning behind Your Panties

You’re a hot babe and does not afraid to show it. You do not feel intimidated by him, on the contrary, men can be intimidated by your sexuality. In bed, you like ‘play’ spontaneously and does not refuse to make love to exceed the limits of your imagination.

Words on the Butt

If panties with one word or one sentence decorate your butt, then certainly you are the kind of woman that is fun and attractive. But on the other hand, you love being the center of attention by asking your partner to focus on ‘read’ your butt on the bed.

Actual Meaning behind Your Panties

Retro Undies

model panties typically intersected high waistline and buttocks shut entirely. You dare panties stylized retro is the type of women who feel powerful with femininnya- side but still want your guy to the make the first move . On the bed, you expect your partner love the curve of your body while wearing panties this model.

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Cartoon Characters

In accordance with cute cartoon characters, buff panties this model assumes that Cutesy will always be in style . There will always be the kid in you. In love, you do not like the style monotonous. Instead, do a role play or try out sex toy is new are the two things for sure you try on the bed.

Ruffles and Bows

Although you see super girly , but actually you crave the manly of your partner in bed. You likened yourself as a ‘gift’ / ‘gift’ with ruffles and ribbons for your guy and hope he will ‘open’ and find sexual arousal together. You are also the type of understanding and always wanted to please a partner.
Actual Meaning behind Your Panties
Matching bra and panties

you wearer underwear and a bra should always be harmonious? Meaning you are the type who always had time to look beautiful, or at least a pretty sight. You believe that every woman should always be ready for everything, including a ‘satisfactory’ partner.

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