You Always Hungry? This is Reason

You must have experienced moments when you always want to eat but never feel full. There is always a desire to chew something, any kind of food. However, before you put on weight with the food choices were endless, know why you always feel hungry .

1. Eat plenty of carbohydrates

Shona Wilkinson, a nutritionist said that eating carbohydrates as dinner can make you hungry faster next morning. When we consume carbohydrates in large numbers at one time, this will be absorbed quickly into the body into sugar.

When the body has high blood sugar levels, insulin work harder, thus triggering hunger is higher. You can even get up and feel hungry.

To avoid this, reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates in excess, and choose foods with higher levels of carbohydrate combined with protein such as fish, chicken and vegetable portions that much.
By doing so, carbohydrates can be digested more slowly and is absorbed slowly, so you feel full longer.

2. You need a break

With the busyness of daily work, sleep time is sure to be one of the things sacrificed. Unwittingly, bedtime a little to make you more tired, and hungry faster.

Always Hungry

A study found that sleep time slightly reduces the production of the hormone leptin, which can prevent hunger. Moreover, this practice also increases the hormone ghrelin, which triggers hunger. So no wonder, lack of sleep can make hunger is high. Top 10 Deepest Lakes in Indonesia

If you have trouble sleeping at night, nutritionists advise you to take supplements containing magnesium. These objects can help you relax your muscles and nerves that can break more quickly.

3. Less water

Sometimes, thirst is often mistaken for hunger.Many of us, too quick to respond thirst immediately seek food or snacks, whereas we need just enough water intake.

Shona explained, the water needed by the cell body to process the nutrients the food we eat, and if we are short of nutrients, the body will give a signal to look for more food. This is another reason why you should drink water every time, not just when you feel hungry or thirsty.

Drinking water when eating food can also make the body’s satiety. This method helps keep hunger levels in the body. But keep in mind, avoid drinking too much water in the moments before, while, or after a meal, it is harmful to your digestive system.

4. Ahead of menstruation

This is a natural thing that is already widely known. However, even though we’re in the unstable hormone, it helps keep feeding on enough levels, and offset by taking supplements that can balance blood glucose levels. How to Know Someone location via WhatsApp

Always Hungry

Keep blood sugar levels remain normal, it is advisable to eat more protein-rich menu, thereby reducing the consumption of too many carbohydrates. In addition, levels of caffeine and a high alcohol can affect hormone as well, so you should avoid these two things.

5. You eat for two people

It is perfectly reasonable when a woman has a big appetite at a time when pregnant. However, experts say, it does not mean you can eat fast food twice as much.

Preferably, choose a healthy diet and is rich in vitamins and fiber. Avoid processed foods that contain a lot of hidden sugar. Create an ample supply of healthy foods in your refrigerator, so when you feel hungry, you have no reason to buy fast food.

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