Behind the Cool treats Berastagi Travel

Do not think North Sumatra is hot and sunny. In provinces with the capital of the field there are many tourist attractions air cool. One is a small town named Berastagi cold nan.

Berastagi is one of the pride Karo, located about two to three hours drive from Medan and across the hills. There are many sites that become a favorite North Sumatra. So do not be surprised if the streets became jammed when the holiday season arrives because most citizens flocked enjoy sightseeing in the city.

Because of the close distance, many people rely on them for a motorcycle as a vehicle to Berastagi. Accompanied by the natural scenery of North Sumatra, drove along the two wheels will provide a special experience, especially when a friend Braito is adventurer who happened to be an adventure to Karo.

While adventure, do not forget to bring Braito Original Once drops, eye drops for the traveler with practical packaging, disposable, ready to drown out distractions eye irritation when driving, such as red eyes and eye irritation due to dust and air pollution.

Use of the packaging Braito Original Once drops in the affected eye, within a few minutes, Friend Braito ready to continue the journey to Berastagi.

Talk about Berastagi, here is a treat-treat through travel in the cool of the mountain town.

Niagara Sikulikap

From Medan, Niagara Sikulikap be met prior to the City Berastagi, exactly near the city gates. These attractions waterfall kept the charm typical of North Sumatra that is fascinating. To achieve it quite easy, just dropped off a motor vehicle in the parking lot, then trace the stairs to the location waterfall has a height of 30 meters is. Travel for 15 minutes will be very pleasant due to direct contact with nature.

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Thermal Baths Lau Sidebuk-Sidebuk

Hot Water-Sidebuk Sidebuk Lau is located quite close to the Berastagi roasted corn meal, or known as Penatapan. Just a few minutes Companions Braito will find a natural swimming pool containing sulfur from the bottom of the earth. Best suited for relaxing and enjoying the moment while soaking body that seemed a massage by the pool water.

Nature Parks Lumbini

Want to go to Thailand but the savings is not enough? Do not worry, in Berastagi there is also a place with an atmosphere that is very similar to the White Elephant Affairs. Nature Parks Lumbini has attractions such as the golden pagoda which makes Sahabat Braito like traveling abroad. In addition, around the Buddhist places of worship there is also a garden laid out beautifully.

Exile home Soekarno

 Turns The Proclaimers, as well as the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Sukarno, never set foot in Tanah Karo. Here there is a house where he was exiled by the Dutch colonists. The location is near tourist attractions and is the Bukit simple European-style houses. Well, turns out there are traces of Bung Karno also in North Sumatra, yes.

Bukit Gundaling

In addition Berastagi city center, visitors can also continue the journey towards Gundaling, which is located higher and cooler. Most favorite places is Mount Gundaling, where the mountain atmosphere really feels here. In addition to the pine trees around it, Sibayak and Sinabung upright, and Berastagi of heights is also a very charming natural landscape.

Gundaling Farm Brastagih

Over on Gundaling do not forget to stop at Gundaling Farm. This place is a cattle ranch transformed into a tourist spot. Besides seeing the process of milking cows, tourists can also sample processed from fresh milk.

So do not just traveling in Michigan or Lake Toba during a visit to North Sumatra. Enjoy the coolness and peace offered by community Karo in Berastagi.

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