The Best Foreplay Tips for Newly Wedding Couple

To build passion and chemistry , is very important for you and your partner to increase intimacy by touching. There are two kinds of touch with a partner, namely:

  • Affection / intimacy: a touch that adds to the proximity such as hugging, cuddlin g, kissing cheeks / forehead, rubbing his nose, touching the partner’s face.
  • Sexual / Arousal: touch, especially during foreplay and lovemaking like kissing lips, licked, and touched the erotic.
  • The Best Foreplay Tips for Newly Wedding Couple

For couples who have been in contact for a long time, foreplay by way of touching is quite important. Because it’s often do, they usually immediately ‘jump’ to the ‘main menu’ so that the main foundation in love, that warmth and affection, it lost. As a result, sexual desire is extinguished.

However, the habit of doing physical touch is very important to your relationship. Touch can build passion in a relationship, good for couples who are still new as well as old. So, remember to always touch your partner even if you do not intend to have sex.

For example, holding her hand while watching at the cinema, embracing his arm while walking in the mall, hugging her from behind while cooking breakfast, patted his shoulder as he was driving, and quick kisses during a free moment. When you get used to doing this, for long the couple also did not hesitate to extend the same to you.

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Touch continued with a passionate eye contact usually will culminate in a hot sex session. But make it a habit to do foreplay long enough so that intimacy is maintained.

If you move slowly, show you in bed is guaranteed to be more exciting. Listen maneuvers need to be done before you move towards a ‘peak’:


  • Begin with a warm touch. Touch the couple gently. Touch and gently rub her shoulder to get her attention.
  • Lead to temptation. When the more he was interested in, you can see your partner will feel comfortable with what you are doing. At this point, hold hands him one or two seconds. Sit closer and give them a hug spoiled. If doubt still hesitant to embrace, touch your feet on his feet. Belailah hair. When he was getting carried away, you can hold her longer.
  • Begin with an intimate touch. You can continue to explore her body intimacy- its name to the area to add to the excitement. Some men have sensitive areas such as the neck, nipples, and stomach. Feel free also to invite her hands explore your body. Then, when the moment is right, kiss him.
  • Furthermore, it’s up to you … When you and he is getting ‘hot’, you can continue to the next session. Especially when passion you and he already began to smolder, the two of you will not be difficult to achieve orgasm !

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