Couples Avoid These Foods Before Sex

Couples Avoid These Foods Before Sex

Food influence sexual performance partner in bed. That’s why some foods touted as an aphrodisiac, such as mussels and chocolate.

But, there are some other foods that it is not recommended to be consumed before lovemaking .

Nuts are good for heart health. However, eating nuts before sex is not a good move. A study published in Nutrition Journal found that nuts contain sugar that is not easily digested triggering bloating. Making love with flatulence certainly not fun, is not it?

In addition to nuts, you should avoid eating four meals also following, spread the Daily Star on Wednesday (05/31/2017).

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1. Red meat

Consumption of red meat makes digestion work harder causing reduced energy. Consumption of red meat, not a good idea if afterwards you want to have sex with a partner.

2. alcohol

Sip an aperitif before having sex just makes you sleepy and stomach filled with gas.

3. Cheese

According to the latest research report, 75 percent of people in the world lactose intolerance, their bodies are difficulty digesting dairy products. If you are one of the 75 percent of the world population, the consumption of cheese can cause you bloating, stomach full of gas, until diarrhea.

4. Chewing gum

Mint flavored chewing gum can be a little freshen your breath. But chewing gum will only increase flatulence.

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