The Dangers of Social Media Addiction to the Life of Male and Female Romance

Friend, this era is the era of social media. Almost all people who have a smartphone must also have a social media application installed in it. With social media, we can get a lot of insights, stories, and news. You can even get acquainted with new people easily and quickly. Everything can happen in just a matter of tap of your finger, so do not be surprised if you start addicted to social media.

The Dangers of Social Media Addiction to the Life of Male and Female Romance

But it is precisely this ease which leads to addiction. Among them are addictions to lazy greeting and acquainted with strangers face to face , addiction to lazy socializing and discussing things beyond college and work affairs, and addiction to continue staring at the gadget screen even while walking or doing other activities.

As a result, our social and communication skill as a man decreases dramatically. Try to uninstall all social media applications on your phone and count the number of friends in the real world you have. That ‘s the actual size of your social and communication skill .

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How ironic is not it? Social media actually makes a lot of men to be anti social and almost no friends.

In contrast to men, women actually get a fresh breeze due to the presence of social media. Women are actually also degraded in terms of social and communication skill , but that’s very small and almost nothing compared to their stellar fame and multiply.

As a proof, try now you open social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Path, and Twitter. Find out which ones have more followers up to tens of thousands? Find out which accounts have volumes due to FULL? Find out which ones have hundreds of comments, likes, and retweets? Find out which one gets the most endorsement product?

You know the answer.

Thanks to social media, women who are not nobody, not celebrities or public figures , suddenly suddenly famous and have thousands of fans. Ordinary women do not need to bother playing movies or producing a work. Simply post beautiful and sexy photos, guaranteed his fame sped up in no time.

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And when we flashback to the time before social media was found, women’s beauty is limited by its social scope. If he only circulated in the neighborhood, school, and place of worship, then only men in the neighborhood that the opportunity to know and approach.

So also with men. If he is not satisfied with the women in his neighborhood, then he should look for beautiful women in other environments. In other words, the greater the social sphere the greater the opportunity for men and women to get the desired partner.

But when you are already addicted to social media, the limits of this social sphere break down and slowly break down. Beautiful women can be found by thousands of male fans from various corners of the earth, while men can find beautiful women without the need to tire-tired expand his association. At first glance this is something that is profitable, but actually this is all delusions andfakes .

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