Excessive pair Pamir Intimacy in Social Media Quite Often Experiencing Problems

Social media is a place where we can share many things, from a variety of opinions to the moments of happiness. Many couples are also using social media as a showcase for intimacy so that people who saw it would think if they live with happily. Although it seems natural, according to health expert’s sexologist Nikki Goldstein, it could be maybe not as it is.

Excessive pair Pamir Intimacy in Social Media Quite Often Experiencing Problems

Nikki says if the couple is too excessive indulgence in the intimacy in social media was more often due to the insecurity and lack of confidence in their relationship. By uploading the photographs of happy, they want to compensate for the insecurities and seek recognition from friends and followers on social media.

According to Nikki, their people or followers who give like or positive comments could be justification and also the recognition that he is undergoing a happy life, and this can be a real solace where he was having trouble or kekurangnyamanan in conjunction.

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Why do people often use photos selfie with your partner? Nikki said that if by taking photos selfie together and also provides hashtag that shows if they are both going through a relationship with the happy, they want a beautiful memory in this photo can be seen again.

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In fact, the relationship is bebahagia not need to be on display all the time, right? In addition, the hashtag showing ownership like “my boy” or “my girl”, clearly gives a message like “behold, the woman or man is mine” and show a sense of insecurity.

Indeed, upload photos with friends on social media does not necessarily indicate the couple had problems. Many pictures of happy moments or funny moments that can be shared on social media that precisely reflects the happiness without the need for excessive.

If indeed you are included in that prefer to do it excessively, it helps you begin to evaluate your relationship with your partner back.

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