Fact: Why Every Men Love Faster Than Women?

When you’re PDKT, surely you and he are waiting for each other who is more used to saying the word I love you or “I love you”. Based on research, the answer is surprising: it is the men who are generally first fall in love and to express his feelings in women!

The study published in The Journal of Social Psychology . With 172 male participants who are students, they revealed that they first fell in love and express feelings before women.

“In general, men are considered not seemosional women and rarely question their own feelings,” said Rachel Needle, Psy.D. , A psychologist from Florida, United States. “On the other hand, women tend to analyze their feelings and hesitant to express love. Hence, the man who previously did not fall in love can express his feelings after he’s really confident and feeling strong enough. Apart from the view of the media and the public, men actually want an intimate relationship. “

Fact: Why Every Men Love Faster Than Women?

So, why would a man could fall in love more quickly if they are still not sure of his own feelings?

1. Biological Factors

Due to biological reasons, women tend to postpone express love in a man. The women feel more biologically loss if he chose the wrong partner. Limited number of egg cells of women, but men can produce millions of sperm every day. That is expressed Marissa Harrison, one of the study researchers previously disclosed.

Makes sense, does not it? One other scientists, Clarissa Silva , also agreed to this. Men behave like this because they can not bear children as a woman, so they try to support materially women.

Therefore, men tend to be materialistic view of life rather than emotional than women. Since the woman is able to bear children and be aware of the risks of living, they tend to be very cautious in making decisions. That is why women look for stability, reliability, and security of the man who would become their partner.

2. Do Men Expresses Feelings Only For Love or Obsession?

James Preece , an expert on romance, revealed that because testosterone levels of male and their way of thinking that makes them easily say love. Both these factors lead to the men only focus on people and situations that are in front of his eyes based on physical attraction.

The men also tend to be questioned first whether he and the woman he likes really compatible or not.

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They think they are in love, when in fact they simply enjoy their expectations just about love. If they feel happy and fulfilled by women, they automatically assume they must have been in love.

3. So, What Can One Man Love Over the past Than Women?

In a relationship, the man imagined physical intimacy, whereas women would imagine the life that he lived as long as the relationship lasts. Often men have to meet their needs in a healthy before finding the pair were deemed most appropriate for them.

When they found her match that they feel all their fantasies come true and tend to be lazy fall in love again on another woman. They seem so cold and harder to fall in love than women.


What do you think, ladies? Maybe you’ve met the man who suddenly declares his love ahead of you when you have not known each other long.

If you’re confused as to why he could be like that, this article would be able to answer your question. You might also be able to distinguish which men really fall in love or just simply inedible expectations!

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