First Chicken Or Egg? The Following Answer

First Chicken Or Egg? has become the most philosophical and scientific questions for centuries. And now the puzzle began to unfold after researchers found the answer. Let’s consider the explanations that have been obtained by Info unique 7 so that you are not one answer if you ever given this question by someone.

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As has been reported MailOnline, the researchers found egg shell formation depends a protein found only in the chicken ovary. That is, the egg can only exist if it was in the chicken. Proteins called ovocledidin-17 (OC-17) to act as a catalyst to accelerate the development of the egg shell.

The hard shell is important as a place for the yellow and white egg. Scientists from the universities of Sheffield and Warwick use a super computer to download the’zoom in ‘the formation of the egg. Computer called Hector was revealed OC-17 is important in initiating the crystallization or the early stages of the creation of the egg shell.

These proteins alter calcium carbonate into calcite crystals to form eggshells. Calcite crystals in various bones and shells but they formed more quickly in the chicken. Poultry so that it is able to produce six grams of shell eggs every 24 hours.

During this time people thought that first there is an egg, but now we have scientific proof that shows the actual chicken came first, “said Dr. Colin Freeman”, from the Department of Materials Engineering at Sheffield University, adding, As it turns out, to check it our jelly can see how a protein that controls the formation of eggshells. ”

Professor John Harding, of the same department in Sheffield, said the findings could be useful for other things.” Understanding how chickens make eggshells may give a clue to the new design and new materials, ” he said. the discovery was published in the paper “Structural Control Of Crystal Nuclei by An Eggshell Protein”.

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