Follow These 5 Ways to Make Your Life Convenient

Life is the most beautiful thing that we have. Yaaa, we did not ask to be in life, we are born from the womb of a pregnant mother during the nine months, however, because we have never asked for life lest we squander this moment of our lives. In life, we must be busy doing a lot of things, school, work, play, adventure and many other things that we are busily engaged. Often life becomes uncontrollable because of the rush that we have and make life uncomfortable. Here are some ways to make your life a more controlled and make your life comfortable!

Follow These 5 Ways to Make Your Life Convenient

  1. Do not postpone and Have a Priority!

We often get a nuisance when we procrastinate a job. It is a common thing that we encounter in everyday life, ntah because the task is too much or because we fail in doing that. In the office or at school we very often get one or more than one task and we must finish before the deadline. Focus on the task with the nearest deadline and do not put it off and finish as fast as possible!

Make Your Life Convenient

In this case, have a priority. Ask yourself to whom you do it and what for. If you have a priority and you will be more enthusiasm in completing your task no matter how much and how heavy tasks that you must complete. If you can complete the task well and finish before the allotted time, your life would have been more convenient!

2. Make a schedule Organized!

Make a schedule immediately! If you do not have a schedule of live, immediately made By having a schedule, your life will be more organized and will minimize the “clash”between activities. Make a schedule for tomorrow, after tomorrow, next week, and next month and beyond. You can create a schedule for tomorrow before you sleep and can make long-term schedule at any time, as soon as possible and in accordance with the plan.

After you create a schedule, you should be able to set the time between one activities to another, you can set the time to play, school or work. And of course you can arrange a time to be together with your loved ones.

3. List! Make accordance with Order!

After you create a schedule, do it in accordance with urutanya. Well, you can switch the time between one activity to another, but there are some activities that you can not sue his time alone. If you already have a list, you can prioritize the most important thing in one day and then with other things.

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4. Make It Easily!

Make Your Life Convenient

Do it all with a simple, do not complicate the circumstances! Less is more like Shortcuts.  Yaaaa, all computer users must know what the shortcuts. Shortcuts are a shortcut to perform an activity in the computer. Here we challenge you to create shortcuts in your life!

In doing a task, everyone would want the easiest way to menyelesaianya, and you can definitely make things easy. Smart work is needed if you want to complete tasks quickly and accurately. However, no one should pay attention. In addition to fast, you have to really pay attention to the quality of the job you do, do not abruk-Adul.

5. Limit the use of Social Media!

You’ll often spend time facebook or twitter , here you should be able to think wisely. Realize that you live in the real world, not in cyberspace. When you are hit by a disaster or problem, your friend who is in the world it is clear that will help you, not those who are in the virtual world.

Make Your Life ConvenientSpend your time to interact with their surroundings. Walk with relaxing in your free time just to say hello to your neighbor and jokingly quipped with your childhood friends, help them when they need and they will surely do the same thing to you. This will make your relationship with the surrounding environment becomes more harmonious and will make your life comfortable.

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