How to Contact with Unknown Women

The quickest way to eliminate fear and intimidation when talking to women is to interact as much as possible with attractive women! But what should you do if your environment is very short supply of attractive woman? Yes exit and women KENALAN with new exciting! And that I will share this time.

When acquainted with a woman, there are 5 things you should remember well:

How to Contact with Unknown Women

1. Do not use the standard contacts sentence.

Sentences like, “And yourself?”, “Hi, may acquaintances.” Etc. was prohibited to wear when you are acquainted with the woman. Because women are beautiful and attractive ARE OFTEN heard anything like it Standard Typical Boring. And obviously showed you want acquaintances and interested in him, which will make poisisinya directly above you in that instant.

2. Ignore the autopilot.

How to Contact with Unknown Women

When you approach a foreign woman, they automatically will immediately show the face of anyone-loe-suddenly-dateng-mo-doing-hell. Sometimes they also reflexively reject you.

Guys, it is reasonable!!

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Although the man has a handsome face and a cool, still, women would put it as a gesture of defense faces its earliest. You’ll also manage to look like that when there are strangers who approach you. You get used to reject any person who approached you at the bottom of the escalator although it could be that the person about to give you money 1 billion. The same thing happened to them and it was very normal, reflexes and humane.

So do not make it as an excuse to retreat. Keep going ahead.

3. Prepare the subject.

The biggest mistake men when initiating interactions with women are unprepared. If you are not a true playboy or a person who is really good at hanging out and talking, you have to come up with a topic that you’ve prepared. You will feel better prepared and more relaxed because you know who holds the course of the talks. You do not have the fear of silence in the middle of the conversation.

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Ninety percent of women will answer with pleasure, some may even be directly lengthy story and you’ve managed to open a conversation with them. But do not stop there; you also have to prepare for the next groove after they finish answering your question.

How to Contact with Unknown Women

Guys, if so far you do it right, you’ve been chatting with him for about five minutes. You lived continue talking to, or instead he would reverse the talks, it was to ask you. Why? Because you start a conversation in an interesting way. All thanks to a topic that has been prepared!

You should be relaxed and confident nyantai. Not to appear nervous. Show that you are a man of great value, not desperate and lonely horny men who are hungry for a girlfriend. Speak firmly and clearly. Show that you are not intimidated by him and lest you are interested in gravity that makes you leaned toward him. Remain in your gravity, drag him into it. Not vice versa.

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