10 Interesting Facts about American TV Series Friends

Friends (original English title: Friends) is an American television series of the type sitcom, created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane, and is about six friends living in New York; Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, Monica and Rachel. The first season began airing September 22, 1994 in American television and held in ten seasons. Friends are considered one of the sitcoms that have been the best of all time, and have you seen the American TV Series Friends, hold a high probability of. But this is in any case ten facts you might not know about the friends in New York!

1. This may come as a surprise, as Eric McCormack , Will in the TV series  Will & Grace made headlines when he said he had auditioned “two or three times” for his role as Ross. But producer Kevin S. Bright had worked with David Schwimmer in the past, so the authors had already developed the character of Ross with Schwimmer in mind. In addition, Schwimmer was the first person who auditioned for Friends.


2. Before the filming of the American TV Series Friends began invited director James Burrows the six main characters to Las Vegas. He has previously stated that he did it because he felt that the series would be a success. While they played dice on the famous Caesar’s Palace he should have encouraged them to have as much fun as possible, for this is probably the last chance for a little anonymity.

3. You’ve probably noticed that Phoebe plays guitar through virtually the entire TV series, but initially hated Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) to play the guitar. She will be in an interview as saying that there was nothing for her, and she just thought it was messy .At first it was a guitar teacher who tried to teach her, but it did not last long. It ended up that she learned a few chords on the guitar, and then she should have said to the guitar teacher that she had completed the training. She decided that Phoebe would only be a couple of chords anyway. And great was this well, for “Smelly Cat”perfect for a handful of chords!

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4. Friends played always in front of an audience – except when it would happen something very exciting in the series. The author was very careful that nothing would leak out that had great importance in the series before the section had been broadcast on television.  Top 5 Tourist Attractions in India that must be Visit

5. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) believed initially that Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) would be homo sexual. She was adamant after reading through the script. She was not the only one who thought that Chandler would be gay when speculating wildly among fans about the same thing.

6. During the first season got all the actors around 22,000 dollars per episode, But already during the second season had all the actors’ completely different salaries. In 1997 broke the contract and refused to continue working if not all had the samesalary – at $ 100, 000 per episode. It all became big news and media reported feverishly about it. But the group did, after all, their demand.

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7. If you have not noticed it so does their door number changed in the series. At first, Monika number five , but after that the directors realized that there should be a higher number because she lives on a higher floor instead they switched her number to 20 .The number of Chandler and Joey’s  apartment also changed – from number four to number 19 . Volvo Truck – The World’s Fastest Truck

8. During the sixth season premiere episode, got the entire actors name “Arquette”. This is because Courtenay Cox  (Monika) had recently married David Arquette. So if you look through the series again, keep an eye on the first section intro for season six. There you can glimpse the name “Jennifer Aniston Arquette,” “Lisa Kudrow Arquette” and so on. The section dedicated to the Courtenay Cox and David Arquette.

9. From the beginning it was thought that Ross monkey, Marcel (as you can see in season one) would have a larger role in the show’s continuation. But directors decided to remove the monkey from the series, because it took far too much time to record with a monkey. The monkey was filmed addition of two monkeys; Monkey and Katie.

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10. Bruce Willis was featured in an episode of Friends free after losing a bet to Matthew Perry (Chandler) during the filming of “The Whole Nine Yards.” Perry was confident that the film would end up being number one in the charts in video stores during the first week, which Bruce Willis absolutely no thought. But Matthew won the bet and Bruce Willis was thus compelled to donate his salary from the series to charity!

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