10 Interesting Facts about Champagne You Did Not Know

Champagne is prepared as the so-called “champagne method”, method noise or method traditionally by first forming a common base wine. Then the wine is bottled, together with a yeast addition, to start secondary fermentation in bottles during this time – 15 months – created bubbles. Before the bottle is ready for sale is the last lees removed by bottle vibrated up-and-down for a short time. When lees has fallen down into the neck, cooled bottleneck lighted, the cork is removed and the frozen lees then fall out by the pressure in the bottle shooting out.

At this point all champagne as dry, but by the bottle is filled up with a less amount of sweet liquor; known dosage may champagne different sugar content. But this thought you might be completely irrelevant? Let us instead go to the little more interesting and fun points of champagne!

Here, 10 Interesting Facts about Champagne You Did Not Know


1. Champagne is sparkling white wine or rose wine from the district of Champagne in northern France with Reims and Epernay champagne production main campuses. It is common that the word champagne is used to describe sparkling wines from other parts of the world, but it is the only wine from the district of the same name and produced according to the “method champions ” that is allowed to be called champagne in commercial contexts, as this is a protected designation of origin .

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2. All of champagne was cloudy until early 1800s when Madame Cliqued (see picture below) learned to remove lees with the technology that goes under the name, disgorging.

Facts about Champagne You Did Not Know

3. The majority of all the champagne produced today is dry variety “Brut “. This means that adding approximately 10 grams of sugar / liter. For 200 years ago it was not uncommon for the champagne produced could contain as much as 150 grams sugar / liter.

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4. A bottle must be under French law to be at least 15 months in the cellar before disgorging to be called champagne.

5. Of all the champagne produced as drinking Frenchmen up about half.

6. Champagne storage potential is better if it is in a magnum bottle when less of the beverage is exposed to oxygen in the bottle.

Facts about Champagne You Did Not Know

7. Facts about Champagne:- During December month sold almost half of System bola gets annual sales of champagne.

8. Napoleon’s favorite champagne was a Moet & Chandon. It has therefore been named the house’s standard champagne “Imperial Brut “.

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9. Sweden is in place number ten of champagne importing countries, per capita as Sweden is, instead of the top five.

Facts about Champagne You Did Not Know

10. Only three grape types are allowed in Champagne, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meniere. And the only wine-producing region are allowed to produce rosé by blending the still red wine with still white wine is Champagne.

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