The Japanese men’s Rela Queue Display Condoms Because Of Anime

The Japanese men’s Rela Queue Display Condoms Because Of Anime

A condom can indeed change everything from romance, or family problems. However, because condoms Similarly, hundreds of Japanese men are willing to queue for the sake of this special product.

Events that took place on Sunday  in the spotlight in the Japanese social media. Obviously this is because men are lining up to get condoms bearing the image of Love and Lies anime characters that will be aired on television.

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Queue length in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, this makes the steering committee overwhelmed.

They thought only a few men who will be lining up to get a condom this limited edition. It turned out that the committee estimates wrong, because condoms have been anticipated by the men who had lined up six lanes, along the way this Akihabara.

 It is estimated that there are 300 men who lined up to get a condom since morning.

Due to the limited number of condoms, the committee was forced to limit its recipients with certain criteria. The recipients will not be collecting condoms that have been received.

They have to actually use condoms, both for their partner or for yourself.Surely this guy would not budge, hoping to get a condom that has been coveted.

It became evident that the purchase of condoms is no longer a taboo, because frankly they’re looking forward. Do you want to also get the condom display this anime?

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