Know the Differences ‘Likes’ and ‘Love’ Let me not think and feel in PHP

Know the Differences ‘Likes’ and ‘Love’ Let me not think and feel in PHP

Never, experience something like this: you meet or meet someone, then feel the strange vibrations in the chest. Suddenly, you assume that it is a vibration of love, when in fact it is not. It is like.

Similarly, if someone is friendly to you, close to you, or even willing to do things that please you, then you think that he loves you. When you are so sure, you try to make sure of it. You are disappointed because he did not feel love you. You think it’s PHP because it’s so close to you.

Love grows from the accumulated likes

Indeed someone does not necessarily love you even though it has shown many signs that lead to it. He may just like you. That’s why you have to be sensitive and know the difference between likes and love, because love does not necessarily love.

Fertilize your taste to fruitful love (

It takes a process for someone to feel confident that what he feels is love. That’s why you can not feel love with someone you just met, but just at the stage of likes. To change the feeling of love to love, it takes longer than that. The reason is, love grows from the accumulated likes and continues to be nurtured to bloom in the heart .

Likes are partly, and love is all

Before you feel sure you have fallen in love with someone, ask again to yourself: what makes you love him? If it turns out you love him for his looks, his intelligence, his kindness, or because of certain other things, then you just got to the stage of liking.

Because if you really love someone, you no longer look at others from the things you love about them. You will look at it thoroughly. That is, you will be able to receive any kind of deficiencies that he has. From there you will also learn to equip it and make it better than it is today.

Likes are on the surface, while love in the depth

When we like someone, we tend to like it because of what’s on the surface. We see what the eye sees, and feel what we used to feel when we were with him. So when he no longer looks and feels like what we’ve known all along, then that love can disappear.

Likes and Love

Not so if you love someone. You not only look on the surface, but also will dive to the depth. So even if someday the person you love is no longer like the one you know so far, you can still accept it and not necessarily fade your feelings for him.

Through the three points above, we can also apply it to find out if someone really limited or really fell in love with us. Let’s say if he had liked your neat appearance and interesting, try the occasional look different. Be someone he does not like. If he still accepts you as it is, then he really love. But if not, then he likes.

In essence, open your heart’s eyes wide. Do not be easily ge-er and feel that someone is in love with you just because he is paying more attention to you.

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