Lasting Relationships Cannot For Love

Love is like a flower to fend regularly to keep her bloom and grow. That’s exactly what you should do together with your partner. Love does not come just like that. In fact, couples who love each other can break up or divorce because they are reluctant to try.

If you love the sound, surely you realize that love requires effort, cooperation, and balanced contributions from you and your partner. Just like a flower that you can not forcibly split it, you can not arbitrarily demanding partner to do what you want in the name of love. Your relationship will surely wither and die of it.

Therefore, it is 11 important points that must be you and your partner as a contribution towards one another so that the relationship is always filled with love.

1. Trust


Trust is a crucial element in the relationship. Secinta whatever your partner, if you can not trust him , you will not be able to live in peace with him. Trust can not be achieved instantly; you and your partner must continue to fight for as long as your relationship goes.

2. Mutual Respect

Respect your partner completely. That is, you respect his choice, his character and personality, and everything about him. You can not insult the couple because of the nature, life choices, or actions that is inconsistent with ekspektasimu. Without respect, the relationship is initially full of love will turn into a relationship abusive .

3. Convenience


You can love someone, but you can feel uncomfortable with it. Without the comfort, you will not be able to open themselves fully in front of the couple, you will always be concerned partner will not accept you. Love will not save you from a relationship abusive is to make you uncomfortable. So choose a partner who can accept yourself completely without expectation and desire to change you.

4. Happiness

Everyone wants happiness in relationships. But, in life, you and your partner will not always find happiness. There are times when you are going through difficult times that tested the resilience of the relationship . Enjoy the small things together; always find a reason to be happy as a couple. Routinely, tell why you are happy with her partner.

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5. Mutual Love One Another

No, you know, people who do not like his partner but the partner they love. Like a family member who you do not like, but you still love them for her family. You do not have to stick with people you do not like. You do not need to have a partner who can not understand you, make you laugh, and could not have fun with you.

5. Thyself

girl_walkingAlthough you already have a partner, you still should not forget yourself. Take time for me time, hanging with friends, enjoying hobbies, pursue your dreams, and others. You can not love a pair nicely if you can not love yourself.

7. Independence

You should still be independent and free. Free to express them, be they, adventure, argued. Although you should involve your partner when making decisions in your life, a decision that still need to be away from you a. Imagine if you had to ask permission to be anything on the pair? Your life is definitely miserable.

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8. Cooperation

You are a life partner couples. Not a nanny, a cook, a breadwinner, or elderly couples. In order to remain balanced cooperation relationship, you should be able to be a happy person completely. Without a balance , your relationship will be destroyed sooner or later.

9. Sex


Yes, in any sex, you and your partner remain obliged to respect and appreciate each other. Talk about sex like what you want. What you can do before or after getting married? Contraceptives what you need to stay safe? What makes you and your partner uncomfortable during intercourse? Find out what makes a happy couple when you have sex. Stay respect restrictions self-partner, do not ask for forced sex that the couple did not want it.

10. Communication

No doubt, communication is a major driver relationship . Love can not be formed without communication. You and your partner need communication to express love, solve problems, express what you want, and defines the relationship. Do not be paired with a childlike person who could not be invited to communicate with the healthy, yes.

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