Look Out These Fashion Trends Against Season

ENTERING summer or winter (rain), replacing the contents of the closet with clothes that fit the season into routines that can not be avoided.

But not for this time, some fashion items actually look chic used out of season. Like its own trend, the clothing of the seasonal season becomes a new rule in fashion.

Some fashion items that can be used from one muism to another season include sandals, knitwear, boots, and shirts. Determining cross-season clothes is about how to combine pieces, colors and fabrics that match the style of the wearer. It’s about learning to see pieces in different ways and make each wardrobe have many uses.

Like celebrity stylist Angie Smith, who keeps on wearing a linen shirt and flower dress worn when the temperature goes beyond the 18o Celsius. “I never change my clothes. In fact, I have a big bag for beach clothes (summer), but I still wear all year, “Angie said quoted from the Telegraph. 

He had just set up Holly Willoughby in the Warehouse with a plated dress combined daleman over turtleneck. “And the response is good. Many women say they will not think to do that but now they do it,” said Angie Smith. Though the dress tersbeut much booked for the appearance of spring or early summer, is now used throughout the winter.

In other words, as the development of the fashion world, seasonal change of clothes will fade. Instead, fashion lovers will prefer smart clothing, which can be used overnight any 365 days of weather.

This smart clothing is actually seen in some of the world’s leading brand runway. Just look at the spring collection on the runway last September, where Céline, Balenciaga, and Gucci offer something where the summer clothes that can actually invite sweat.

This message is seen in a collection that uses socks and sandals to cardigans to silk dresses with a distinctive autumn color touch.

Other labels such as Burberry, which presents a decent clothing collection when “February” and “September” are in one stage. Looks like avoid the concept of the season by designing pieces to meet the needs of people who do not care about the climate.

But the shift in the seasonal bjau trend is influenced by consumers changing consumer habits. Consumers tend to buy clothes that are more often used. “I like the luxury of a wardrobe that can accommodate four seasons of clothing. The fact is my storage options are limited. The small space definitely makes you think about your shopping choices, let alone the clothes will work for six weeks a year, “says Katherine Ormerod, a London-based brand and influencer consultant.

Meanwhile, Orlagh McCluskey, one of the founders of Rixo, revealed the label is putting forward items that can be used more than one season.

“It really adds value to the purchase because it knows there are goods that can be relied upon, no matter the season,” said Orlagh. The new British brand fellow Kitri has a similar approach, which comes from the instincts of its founder, Haeni Kim, to make what women want.

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Of course he tends to target a very special piece of seasonal trend. But overall it will certainly spend money differently (to buy clothes). “We want something that can last longer than just a season, something that does not make us look like we are following the trend,” said Haeni. Thus, the created design should be able to accommodate the constantly changing trend and has a classic element as well. Certainly not only the season, but also flexible to use in the day and night.

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