Why Love More Than One Person Is Not Wrong Things?

Have you ever find yourself stuck in some options? Where you love someone, but at the same time you also like other people ? You accuse yourself disloyal or fickle, but the heart can not lie. On the other hand, for you who so believe in true love and pure devotion, have you disturbed at the sight of other people’s affairs, polygamy, and watched the people around you divorced after a sacred promise? Many consider dealing in love with more than one person is a natural thing, but you can not understand it.

Why Love More Than One Person Is Not Wrong Things?

So, as to whether the definition of real love? What love can be divided or just sheer absolute yours and your partner? Really love more than one person is a form of infidelity?

1. Everyone Including Definitions Love You Have Varying

What is the definition of love for you? Once you find the answer, give the same questions in pairs, gebetan, friends, or family. Certainly answer them any different than you. Can you change their minds? Most likely not.

Definition owned they are formed from life experiences that are all unique and irreplaceable. You can just consider love more than one person is a form of infidelity, but others consider it as a natural thing. And a different understanding altogether is not a problem, really.

2. Entitled Love You More Than One Person and That Is Not Things Wrong!

Just because you love your spouse, your future does not love family and friends? Affection itself is also part of love, you know! Maybe you’ve heard various kinds of love as Eros , the love you feel for a couple generally; Philia , love in the form of friendship or friendship; Philautia , love for yourself; Storge , love of family; and Agape , love of neighbor.

So, only if you find yourself admiring others. It does not affect your loyalty to the spouse, too! Is not the more love you can give to anyone, even show how noble you as a person? As long as you can divide your love with healthy, why do you have to restrain yourself with loving just one man?

3. Love Can Changing Over Time, So You Can Be Loved More Than One Person

Love is not just a question of my heart. Love is also not a matter of black and white. Love can be described in various viewpoints, such as in a scientific perspective, love is a part of the body’s chemical reactions and hormones. Without you knowing it, you are also currently being love more than one person at different levels. All your love can be stronger, fades and disappears over time and progress yourself. So from that, do not hate yourself when you have to move on in search of new love for the old one was no longer make you happy!

4. Interest You Against Other People Caused By Biological Factors, Not Love


Attraction to all gebetan caused not only by fate or love it! There are so many factors that makes you attracted to someone, and vice versa. Of biological factors , life experiences, personality , and much more. Although you consider the interest that you feel only out of love or lust alone, never mind. As already mentioned, each person has a definition of love for each one, so only you who can interpret the taste of your interest, not anyone else.

5. When You Lost People You Love, Love You Feel On People Must Not Really Lost

If you’ve lost a spouse, friend, or beloved family of any sort, remember that the love you feel for them is not completely lost. No matter if until now you still recalling memories of your beautiful smile with his ex or crying when it missed the family members who had already left. Most importantly, you are able to manage and express your love with healthy!

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