Scientific Reasons Why You So Loved the food Asin

Do you belong to the one person who can not resist the temptation of salty foods ? No matter how strong you are trying to commit to eating healthy foods, and fill your body with nutritious foods, you still can not get away from salty foods.

For some people, the salty food has its own allure to taste gurihnya.  it turns out there is a scientific explanation behind an insatiable taste for food salty, like you’re a drug addict . How to Know Someone location via WhatsApp

Researchers from the Florey Institute conducted a study and found that addictive taste salty or salt came from the same area in the brain responsible for drug addiction. Referred to as the opioid system, a brain transmitter that gives a pleasant feeling when do or eat, as well as physical exercise, or drink enough water.

The researchers conducted experiments with mice exposed continuously using brine, and was given a drug called naloxonazine. Naloxonazine targeting the amygdala, an area similar in the brain that functions to control emotions. Hence, according to the researchers is possible to use the same drugs to control the desire to eat salty foods, and switching to healthier choices.

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