Those Who Shout on Social Media Just Need to Listen, Stop Judging and Try To Understand

Those Who Shout on Social Media Just Need to Listen, Stop Judging and Try To Understand

Social media now seems to have become a necessity for society. Not only as a connector of communication with relatives, social media can also serve as a ‘market’ for online merchants and also a place to devote all sighs.

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Live in social media (

Because being a ‘place’ complained, you may often see a post someone who always complained, upset or melabapkan all the contents of the heart. Upset? Of course. But before you berate those who often vent in social media, you should first understand the following things.

No one wants to listen

Know that, everyone has their own way to vent their emotions. Some write in the diary, some sing in a loud voice, choose to exercise, write status in social media to confide with people closest. So what if the people closest no one understand or even do not want to hear?

No one wants to listen (

Certainly social media becomes the answer. Social media outings are more likely to get a variety of responses from many people. Although the problem is not necessarily resolved, the response that comes can be quite soothing. Makes the boy feel appreciated and heard.

Instead of cursing, try to say hello

Maybe you are sick with curhatan that he often throws. But wait a minute, than you cursed, it could not hurt to try to say hello. Just ask about the situation and the current situation. Minor greetings are deemed necessary to get closer to each other.

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Instead of cursing, try to say hello (

But if you are close, it never hurts to ask about the problems being faced. If possible just ask the reason why choose to vent in social media. But remember you can not force her to tell a story. No need to be angry if he refuses to tell you. Just make sure he does not feel alone because you are nearby.

No need to criticize what he did

Often a person who is facing a problem does not need a solution from anyone. Sometimes he tells stories just to be heard and strengthened. No need to criticize what he did. Just help by giving him strength in solving the problem.

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No need to criticize what he did (

Actually vent in medsos alone will not solve the problem. But by pouring emotions, the heart will feel more calm and relieved. Rest assured, in his subconscious he realized what he was doing (vent in medsos) was a mistake. Do not make things worse by criticizing what he does.

It feels annoying to see someone continue to pour his complaints in medicos. Feel he became the most suffering person in the world. But you have to stay as good as you think. Do not instantly judge if you do not know exactly what he is going through. Try to be kind and be a true listener.

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