Since Girls That Snatch, I Miss You, Dad

Most of us can hug my father every day, but some of us have to give the father to go because it has a different purpose longing for a father figure told by one friend Vemale named Wida. The story is included in Writing Competition: Dad, I Rindu .

Since Girls That Snatch, I Miss You, Dad

Since Girls That Snatch, I Miss You, Dad

Dear father,

Before everything spilled bulk, allow ananda to sing a song for a king’s what I call my father, although this time (maybe) father was playing with a little girl the other (which I think foreign), whose father called him “son”.

Where.. I’ll find 
I’m crying, alone 
My heart, pobud want to meet 
for you, I sing

For tercint dad I wanted to sing 
Although the tears on my cheeks 
Daddy listen 
I wanted to see 
Although only in dreams

Look .. daybreak 
But none as beautiful as the first 
Come, I want to meet you, I sing

Song Lyrics “Dad” by Rinto Harahap

This song, yes .. this song well. This song always could make me cry, although already I swivel many times in a few minutes. You know why? The answer is only one word, well, that is MISS.


Dad, do not ask I miss anyone? Clearly written in the lyrics, Wida missed father. And even if the father is still asking what makes Wida miss. The answer is only one word, well, LOVE.

Yes, love who else if not missed the love of a father for his daughter who is also currently share the love with another girl, whose father called him as a daughter of the father as well.

Calm down well, Wida not angry, because in fact it Wida could never angry at the king who (was) very loving daughter.
Wida just jealous, yeah.


Father was still wondering, too, what makes Wida envy? The little girl was well, a little girl whose father treatment with full spoiled, almost as much as my father did before me spoiling it, when I was little.

Why he could take a father away?

Why she could feel the warmth in the arms of my father all the time, when I do not?

Why he can cheer every time?

As for me to be strong I do not know how.

Since Girls That Snatch, I Miss You, Dad

Father, mother says, the father is the most loving man who will never be willing to see his daughter cry. Mother once told me, the father is the front line that became a stronghold for his family.

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But the first well, 12 years ago, before the little girl and her father forcibly robbed of my fingers were tiny. Yes, at that time still a tiny finger. Do right to withdraw from their father’s arm. Hugging ayahpun I can not.

Dad still remember not, what Wida favorite food as a child? Ah dad may forget, Wida love ya know well, SHELLS. Yes, the river mussels. In the past, almost every morning and evening Wida and dad looking for shells on the river. Dad says a scallop is rich in protein, making intelligent brain.

Dad still remember not, what is the most Wida like when the streets the night before?
Ah father may also forget, Wida love ya know well, LAMPS. Yes, the lights twinkling on the roadside. In the past, when Wida sleep when traveling, and there are many dim twinkling city lights, the father always woke Wida just to see the lights, because the father knew, Wida happy to see the lights.

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Dad still did not remember who the little girl who cried the loudest if the father wants to go out of town? What father still remember, who the little girl who loves dancing India at the seaside every night of the week? Who is the little girl who frequently ask this all along the way? Who is the most spoiled little girl, most selfish, most sensitive, most often cry for the little things without cause?

Since Girls That Snatch, I Miss You, Dad

The little girl was Wida, yah.

The little girl’s father who is now 22 years of age, struggling desperately to survive gives happiness to the mother. Mothers who is currently a mother and father since 12 years ago.

May my father would remember and never forget the way home. Thank you, well, I hope someday can Wida tightly hugged dad (again).

Wida dear father.

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