Sometimes To Achieve Success You Need To Close The Ear Of People’s Gossip

Sometimes To Achieve Success You Need To Close The Ear Of People’s Gossip

In this era of freedom of speech, voicing, and expression, more and more people are fond of judging others, gossiping others, and gossiping at others. Whether it is in cyberspace or in the real world, the phenomenon ngegosipin  people seem to be mushrooming.

Sure, sometimes we need to listen to the talk of others if it is criticizing to improve ourselves. But if his intention actually drop us, how much better we just ignore the talk of the dogging it.

There is an interesting story from a Linkman Hakim, one of whose name became one of the Qur’an surahs because of his amazing advice, advice and wisdom. One of the stories from Lukman Hakim taught to his son is how sometimes we do not have to listen to what people say.

Once upon a time Lukman Hakim took his son to go to the market with a donkey. On the way to the market, Lukman Hakim climbed on the donkey’s back while his son guided the donkey.


In the journey many people are gossiping with Lukman Hakim’s behavior. “Look at him, a parent who has no affection, his son is told to lead the donkey while he is engrossed in the little donkey’s shoulder,” That’s roughly the man who was talking to Lukman Hakim.

Hearing such gossip, Lukman Hakim said to his son, look at boy, how people talk about us. Finally Lukman Hakim told his son to go up on the donkey and Lukman Hakim took the lead.

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Soon after their journey, Lukman Hakim returned through the gang and of course they commented on what Lukman Hakim had done. “See how a child who does not know character, he is sitting on a donkey while his elderly father let him lead him alone,” again people are gossiping Lukman Hakim and his son.


Hearing such gossip again, again Lukman Hakim asked his son, did he hear the gossip of these people? The child replied to hear it. Finally Lukman Hakim told his son to get off the top of the donkey and both lead the donkey.

But again there are people who menggunjung behavior between father and child. “Look at the fools of the boy and the father, they carry the donkey but not climbed just led, like the oxen and the goats.”  Hearing the rumor again, Lukman Hakim again asked his son, did he hear the rumor? The child replied to hear it.

Finally Lukman Hakim sent his son up on the back of the donkey again and followed him up onto the donkey. After a short trip, again a bunch of people gossiped on what Lukman Hakim and his son had done, “Look how cruel the boy and the old man are, they are both riding on a very small donkey,”

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Hearing again people gossip, Lukman Hakim asked his son with the same question as before. And finally Lukman Hakim also took his son to get off the donkey and carry him (lifted) together.

But this time people are not just gossiping, but laughing at both of them and thinking of him as a madman. “Look at those crazy guys who are trying to lift donkeys onto their shoulders,”  hearing that way, Lukman Hakim again asked his son if he heard the gossip? And again the child replied to hear it.


They then laid the donkey and Lukman Hakim explained the wisdom of what had happened earlier. “My son, that’s human nature. Whatever you do, you will not escape the attention and views of others. It does not matter whether their responses and attitudes are right or wrong, they will still say it. “

“Remember my son when you meet the truth, do not change because you hear the words of others. Be sure of yourself and hang up your wishes to Allah SWT. “

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From the story we can take lessons if sometimes we are not too “nursing” talk of people. If we want to be successful, focus on our dreams, believe in yourself, and fulfill your dreams with prayer and effort.

Sometimes others are busy criticizing us rather than aiming to fix us, but he is busy criticizing us for being jealous of our efforts, this is why we do not need to listen to the gossip from people. Is not your time too valuable to take care of them?

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