Style Dress Red Carpet Golden Globe 2017 which do you like?

Event prestigious awards in the field of cinema, Golden Globe 2017 held back. In addition to a row nominated actress and best actor, the show is also studded with appearances were outstanding.

Style Dress Red Carpet Golden Globe 2017 which do you like?

The world celebrities who attended the event must wear a variety of famous designer dress. With luxurious details and elegant dresses that make them fit into the array of celebrities with the best dress at the Golden Globes in 2017.

Well, summarizes some fashion trends in the Golden Globe in 2017 . As written in the site, Tuesday (01/10/2017) trend fashion style Which one was your favorite?

Yellow color dress

Golden Globe 2017

Appearance Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Emily Ratajkowski with a yellow dress to make them look stunning.

Metallic dresses

Rows of metallic dress with a touch of detail vary sequins , gold and silver become a fashion trend that attracted the most attention in the red carpet of Golden Globe 2017 this time.

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Transparent dress berdetail

Transparent detail on the dress worn Emma Stone, Elsa Pataky, Sofia Vergara and Kristin Cavallari increasingly looks glamorous with a touch of detail embroidery fancy.

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