Here are tips on collecting objects and favorite items

 items / items to be collectible is not as easy as imagined. There needs to be good planning in accordance with the purpose we collect objects / goods. Here are tips on collecting objects / favorite items:

    • If you want to create a collection whose value can increase, keep the goods well.
    • Be sure to have a place for collectibles or a collection of small items.
    • If you just want to collect items for fun, try collecting stones. The stones can look shiny, colorful, and have unusual shapes and sizes. In addition, stones are everywhere.
    • How to Collect Goods: who are just learning to become a collector of goods then there are a few simple ways before there are hunting collectibles
    • Start a collection: Consider what you want to start collection. Ordinary people collect only for pleasure or because the collected goods can be valuable. You can make the scope of the collection as large or as narrow as desired.
    • Determine the cost: Whatever you want to collect, being a serious collector certainly has a certain cost, and sometimes even expensive.
    • Selecting collections: There are several variations of collections that you can choose from. Among them are stamps, ancient coins, books, fossils and stones.

    • Do research on collectibles: Learn where the best places to find your collectibles and how to keep them.
    • Understand the legality of your collection: Depending on what you collect, many countries have restrictions and rules for buying certain items.
    • The value of your collection: This step is important for the person collecting the goods that will or will be valuable. Start looking for people in the neighborhood, known sellers, flea shops, antique shops or collectibles’ associations.
    • Showcase collection: After spending a lot of time and energy to consolidate the collection, make the collection seen and admired by others. Each type of collection has different needs if it will be exhibited.
  • Caring for collections: This is especially important if you expect a collection to be of high value. The more preserved the collection, the higher the value. Knowledge is an important component of your collection effort.

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