Top 10 Facts about Heroin You Don’t Know

Heroin or diacetylmorphine is a narcotic preparation that are chemically related to and derived from morphine. Unlike morphine, heroin a higher lipid solubility, which makes the molecule heroin (diacetylmorphine) more rapidly cross the blood-brain barrier and provides typical effects, very strong euphoria, apathy and, constipation, nausea and vomiting possible, gooseflesh, insomnia, miosis. The buzz lasts less than 10 minutes until it switches to a common morfinrus which lasts about 4-5 hours. During intoxication occurs a wave of pleasure and satisfaction. The word heroin derived from the German “heroisch”, which means “hero Semitic”. Here are ten other facts you should know about the drug heroin!

Top 10 Facts about Heroin You Don’t Know

01) For those who have used heroin for a very long time, it may often occur problems with the body’s organs. The majority of those who die because of a heroin addiction usually die mainly of liver problems or heart disease.

02) Quentin Tarantino’s famous film Pulp Fiction was accused of glamorize and missförvränga heroin. In the film, a person who takes an overdose of the drug and then get an adrenaline syringe injected directly into the heart. This makes it namely never to treat a heroin overdose, and if you would do it would also CPR and defibrillation may be necessary for the adrenaline would have any effect whatsoever.

Facts about Heroin You Don’t Know

03) Facts about Heroin: Heroin has been the drug of many famous faces. To mention a few; Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cory Monteith, Janis Joplin, River Phoenix and Chris Farley. Even more celebrities who have struggled with a heroin addiction is Russell Brand, Robert Downy Jr., Corey Feldman, Courtney Love, Tatum O’Neal and Keith Richards.

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04) Opiumvallmons grows in milder climates around the world, including Afghanistan, Mexico, Columbia, Turkey, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia and China. The biggest distributor and exporter of heroin is Afghanistan, which accounts for 93% of all production. An estimated circulates about 450 tons of heroins in the world annually.

05) In the purest form, heroin is dyed white, but the most common use of the drug is brown. It belongs not unusual for it’s yellow or gray colored too.

Facts about Heroin You Don’t Know

06) Facts about Heroin: After a long period of cultivation of the drug will smell and taste to disappear altogether. Sexual functions as well as to achieve an orgasm is also considerably more difficult if one drug is usually too long. If, however, cease with heroin use, the sense of smell to come back, just as the sexual difficulty, which tends to be overwhelming for the person with feelings.

07) You have certainly seen in any movie where someone sits with a spoon to try to dissolve heroin, so it is easier going to inject. This is because the heroin is extremely difficult to dissolve, if you do not use some tools. Usually, mixing the drug with a little water then lay it on a spoon and warm up it with a lighter underneath. In this way, the drug dissolves faster up.

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08) Some heroin addicts usually called the drug a “blissful apathy “. This is because heroin significantly reduces emotional response to pain. One example is that you could be the shot in the foot, but still walking normally on it as long as you are high on the drug.

Facts about Heroin You Don’t Know

09) Facts about Heroin: Being a heroin addict is no cheap story. It varies from country to country and knottiest to continent when it comes to prices, but the average is the daily abuse of approximately SEK 2 200 per day.

10) On average, it takes about 14 years before a heroin addict recognizes their addiction and seeks help. However, only about 20% of all who have addictions to heroin who actually seek help.

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